Friday, April 4, 2008

Will someone push David Archuleta?

I've said before that because of his rabid fan base I think David Archuleta will win American Idol this year pretty easily, unless Chikezie got on a roll.

Well, that never happened.

So now who's going to step up to give Archuleta a run for his money? I like Archuleta a lot--but as in politics or sports, it's no fun if someone just steamrolls to the title.

You always want a worthy challenger to test the champion, force them to raise their game and get even better. It's why Barack Obama needs Hillary Clinton to stick around a while longer, Tiger Woods needs Phil Mickelson, the Yankees need the Red Sox (or the other way around!), Roger Federer needs Rafael Nadal (or Novak Djokovic).

And of course sometimes, the longshot challenger who people assumed was just there as a foil knocks off the apparent champ--just ask the New England Patriots about the New York Giants.

Realistically, I think David Cook has the best shot to be in the final two with Archuleta. According to (which has proven generally reliable) Archuleta has gotten the most votes every week except one, when Cook beat him (Billie Jean week).

And Cook, in addition to being talented and creative, has that X-factor, the type of viral charisma that is pretty important on a perception-based show like Idol.

I think Carly Smithson also has a shot, even though I personally dislike her. Because as a female she potentially has a different voting base; because she's a good singer; and because Simon has started building her up.

The way he's treating her reminds me of how he got behind Katharine McPhee a couple of years ago and essentially propelled her into the final two. He's giving her tough love, and if she takes his advice (song choice and fashion-wise) the pattern is he'll become more and more positive about her as the competition goes on, and--the ultimate assist--he'll be the one picking a song for her on the all-important top three night.

I wonder if Smithson, though, will get derailed by her temper and her pride; unlike McPhee, who swallowed hers because she realized Simon was the only one who could help her win.

Interestingly enough, I think the only other person with a shot at joining Archuleta in the top two is Michael Johns (who I also don't like).

He's on a roll at the moment, and although I think of him as a cross between Ace Young and Constantine Maroulis, I could see him picking off some of the rabid teen girl fan base that's been powering Archuleta. I think Johns is unlikeable, so I don't think he'll be there in the end, but it's a possibility.

As for Brooke White, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado, and Kristy Lee Cook, although I really like most of them, for various reasons I don't think they can build a large enough fan base to challenge the Goliath that is David.


Anonymous said...

David A can sing, but David C is much better and has more star power potential. David A has a big fan base because he is young and cute. But if it is really about talent, then David Cook should win.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a disgrace that Carly and Michael Johns are even allowed in the competition -- no, not because they lived nearly their entire lives outside of America, but because both of them had recording contracts under different names (Carly) and/or in a group (Michael).
This show is supposed to find undiscovered talent -- meaning someone who has not been tapped to sign a contract (or, even worse, actually entered a contract and failed to succeed). Even Kristy had a contact with Britney Spears' agency. David C., David A. (although a showbiz veteran, he did not have a record deal), Jason, Brooke, and even Syesha (she did modeling and commercials, but no records) are the only valid contestants IF this show is what FOX purports it to be. The "ringers" should not have been allowed.

Anonymous said...

While any rules that excludes us from having to look at Carly's tatoos is ok in my book, at the end of the day, it's about entertainment value.

If you had a record deal that went nowhere, why can't you be here? I like that it is an "open" competition. America is all about secoond chances.

Besides, if Michael Johns was not in the top 24, we would have been subjected to the creepy kid with the glasses who wants to run for president.

Anonymous said...

I read that Archuleta had a record contract also but not longer had one. I found information that quoted: "Archuleta’s past is being called into question by fans of the show. Until a few weeks ago, Archuleta’s official Web site was populated with information about the singer’s record deal."

At the time of his audition, he was not currently under contract and Idol confirmed that no contestant can currently be under contract.

People don't come off the bus and decide to sing on Idol. Idol wants to put them under contract if they win and/or if they feel they could sell. If the contestant is under contract--then Idol wouldn't be able to sign them on.

Because folks have been in the music business and tried to get a contract--or put out their own songs does not preclude them from being contestants as long at they aren't currently under contract.

Since I have not heard of anyone of the contestants, clearly they are "undiscovered." Anyone can produce an album on their own if they want--but nobody knows them, so very few people will buy it unless the artists ges "discovered" to the general public.

Folks--this isn't the old-day olympics where if someone discovered you actually made a few bucks doing what you do, that you were eliminated from competition.

Carly sold a total of 400 CDs and the Record Company lost $3M on her. She was dropped. I never heard of her until Idol. Should I go on?