Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carly joins Syesha inthe bottom two

Carly Smithson and Jason Castro are the last two up. Ryan asks Carly if she went back and forth between a couple of songs before making a decision on what to sing. She says yes, that she was going to sing "All I Ask of You," but she changed it because she though "Superstar" was more fun. Jason asks Jason if singing a popular song made it more difficult for him. He says yes, then says, "I don't know, but I really don't want to sing right now," implying that he thinks he is in the bottom two. Ryan tells Jason that he is safe. YES!!! I know he totally doesn't deserve it this week, but I don't care - I'm just so glad I get to see him one more week. So, it's Carly in the bottom two with Syesha.

Ryan mentions how Simon loved Carly last night and asks what he thinks happened. Simon says it's down to the last six and he's not surprised Brooke is safe because last night, she showed she is human. He says Jason wasn't good last night, but he was charming.

So to fill up space, they're making Carly and Syesha sing their songs again...


Anonymous said...

Are you on drugs? Eileen, really. Get a grip.

Jason did a beautiful cover of that stupid Andrew Lloyd Webber song -- did you know he was extremely sick and was on an IV just hours before the show?? You didn't?? That is because unlike other contestants, he makes no excuses. He is a professional. He does not foget the lyrics. He does not make boo-boo pouting faces in order to gain sympathy. He does what a true musician does -- he sings his heart out, week after week. Charming? Sure. Popular? No doubt. But he is still in the game because we love his music and we love him.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to above post.

I did not know he was sick. He sounded fine to me.