Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kristy Lee Cook goes home

Ryan says Andrew Lloyd Webber will bet he mentor next week. I hope it's not a boring show.

So, Ryan is going to send someone back to safety and that person is Syesha. WHAT??!!! That is so beyond ridiculous. This show is totally rigged - I can't even take it anymore.

So after 36 million votes, Ryan says the person staying on the show is Brooke

Kristy Lee Cook is the next to go home. Completely undeserved - completely unfair. She has improved so much. I mean, I knew she wouldn't win, but she deserved to stay beyond Syesha and Carly. Crazy


Danny said...

the show is rigged? are you kidding me!?! Syesha is probably the best female singer left and Kristy Lee probably shouldn't have made the top 12 over Asia'h and was lucky to get this far. Brooke was absolutely horrible this week and I would have been much happier to see her go home but I'm not shedding any tears over Kristy Lee Cook's departure. Maybe she can go buy her horse back now.

Anonymous said...

whatever. syesha needed to go home hollywood week. talk about a forgettable performer. she's like the sanjaya of the season, now that ramielle is gone. i'm betting votefortheworst is helping her; i know if i did that, she's who i would pick! ICK

Anonymous said...

vote for the worst's pick was Kristy lee cook - don't believe me, check the site

Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me understand your obsession with Jason. He isn't a very good singer, his hair looks like a rats nest and he's not very good looking. I also don't know why you dislike Carly so much. She doesn't yell (like you always like to point out), and she does have a good voice. It would be nice if you left your personal feelings out of this and just judged the contestants on their singing abilities.

Anonymous said...

It's definatly rigged. Jason Castro should go. He is a boring singer.

Anonymous said...

I'm a music teacher, and I can tell you that Kristy and Jason both should go home, along with Brook. Brook was horrible this week. She kept speeding up her song, and it sounded frantic. Syesha did an AMAZING vocal this week, and she is by far the best female singer in the competition at this point. The top 3 should be Syesha, David Archuletta and Carly. If we're talking about talent, that is it. If we're talking about popularity like America seems to be voting for, than I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Archuletta has jumped the shark.
It's David Cook's to lose.

I agree that Kristy Lee Cook had been horrible for a few weeks, but over the past three weeks, she has really shown great improvement by leaps and bounds.

Brooke, as sweet as she is, should have gone home this week.

James said...

Brooke is in way over her head and an emotional trainwreck on top of that. Who wants to watch a mediocre Carly Simon wannabe who shakes and cries and pouts like a 5-year-old?

She should have gone home in the first 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

JASON CASTRO is the next American Idol!!!

Make love, not war
No time for hate
Castro for Idol in 2008!!!!


Kim said...

Your country obviously cannot see talent, including the judges. Wal-mart little David should have been sent home along time ago. I cannot stand to look at him let alone see him sing. Carly and David Cook should have been in the bottom two. IF I still watch, it will be only to see David Cook win. But I am sure you screwed up bunch of people will find someone less talented. Maybe it makes you feel better about yourselves to have inadequate people representing you.