Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Syesha is in the bottom two

Ryan announces that Neil Diamond will be the mentor next week - I hope that's better than this week was.

So they're running a clip now about old "Idol" contestants who have been on Broadway. Tamyra Gray from Season 1 is currently in "Rent." And as many of us already know, Clay Aiken from Season 2 is currently in "Spamalot."

Next up is the winner of "X Factor," the British version of "Idol," Leona Lewis. She's incredibly beautiful and her voice really is extraordinary. She blows away all the contestants from this season of "Idol." There's just no comparison.

Anyway, back to the results. Syesha Mercado and Brooke White are up next. Ryan tells Syesha that she look really comfortable last night, like she was having a blast and asks her why it was almost easier for her last night. She says she doesn't know, that sometimes she gets choked up because she thinks about how America is judging her, but when she gets to be somebody else, it's more fun because she's not really being herself. Ryan then asks Brooke if, now that she has had time to think about it, she still thinks starting and stopping was the right move. She says yes, that if she had to do it over over again, obviously she wished it wouldn't have happened, but it did, so she didn't really think about it, she just went with her instinct.

Ryan then tells Brooke that she is safe tonight...incredible.
Syaesha is in the bottom two... America has never been so wrong.

Ryan asks Paula if she thinks this is right. Paula thinks this season, the fan base is enormous and that it's really the luck of the draw, but she tells Syesha not to worry because she had a brilliant performance.

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