Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will Jason Castro stay or he is just "Travelin' through?"

Ramiele Malubay is up next and Dolly Parton says that she is so cute, so sweet and so scared - that it was so precious. She says Ramiele picked a good song - "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" - because she's tiny like Dolly is and the song has cute little bouncy flavor to it. She says Ramiele has the spunk, the personality. She says the fact that she's little isn't going to stop her from doing big things.

Her singing might, though. For another week, like the fourth in a row, it feels like, Ramiele is just not good. I almost feel like her only good week was the very first one. She's just not making good choices - her songs are either too cutesy or too boring, her voice is either too much or not enough and don't get me started on her clothes - this week she's wearing a jumper - is that what they're called? It's like a skirt with overall straps attached. Awful. I think it may be time to say goodbye to Ramiele.

Randy says he wasn't jumping up and down, but he wasn't mad at her either. He said it was all right, that it was pretty good, like 6.5 out of 10. Paula says she's proud of Ramiele, that she really connected with the audience and that she was having fun. Simon brings them all back to reality, thank goodness, and says "We're not going to remember this in 10 years time, are we?" He says it was cute, that she sang it quite well, but overall, he thought it was forgettable and very reminiscent of something you would see on a cruise ship.

Jason Castro is next and before his performance, he chats with Ryan, who shows him a bunch of postcards, all fan mail for him, all from the same girl. How cute is that? Or how stalker-like is that? Not sure which. But the girl says that his voice is relaxing and that she goes home to watch and the tension just melts away.

Oh how awkward... Jason's meeting with Dolly starts off all wrong - he walks in with the guitar strapped on and in front of him, so how do you greet Dolly? Do you try to hug her, do you shake her hand? He tries to do both, manages to do neither and Dolly finally grabs hold of his hair and jokingly says, "I would dread to have to do those locks." She says that he picked a great song - "Travelin' Through" - that he went a little outside of himself, from what she's seen him do on the show. She says he's kind of funky-looking, just kind of cool, that it was a natural piece for him. And thank goodness, at the end of their meeting, he thinks to push the guitar behind him and he gives her a hug.

Will any of you really be surprised to hear that I think he's great? I love his voice, I love his sound, his vibe - everything about him. Is he is as good as David Cook? No, definitely not, but he has his own thing going on, and I personally, would buy his music just as quick as I would buy David Cook's. He had a few moments that weren't spectacular, but he was still way better than Ramiele.

Randy tells him it started a little bit rough, but by the middle of the song, he picked it up, and he started believing him, that it was pretty good, that he worked it out. Paula says this was one of his strongest performances, that his voice sounded so strong and confident, that he was great. Simon says he didn't like it at all, that it sounded like the same song from before (which one???) and that he didn't sing it particularly well, that this kind of music doesn't suit him particularly well and if this had been the first time he'd seen him or heard him, he wouldn't get it.

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Anonymous said...

Jason was wonderful tonight. Confident. Excellent song choice as he needed something uptempo after last week's somber tune. He may have won back some support and gained new votes with the spiritual lyrics of the song.

Simon was a grouch tonight.