Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ramiele Malubay first in the bottom three

Next up are the Clark Brothers, the three guys who won Fox's "Next Great American Band." They're singing "This Little Light of Mine." They're OK - not really my cup of tea. I am kind of intrigued by the one guitar player - that is a guitar right? He's playing it kind of strange, with his left hand not in the normal position to make the chords. Maybe it's a different instrument all together and that's how you're supposed to play it, who knows?

The Ford commercial is next and it's set to "It's Tricky." The premise is cute - the contestants battle some tough-looking local guys in a basketball game and of course, the finalists come out on top. It was entertaining, but my favorite is still the one from last week where they had the contestants come alive on posters and shirts and stuff.

Back to the results... David Cook is up next. Ryan asks him what happened last night, referring to the stories today about his trip to the hospital. David says the whole thing got blown out of proportion - he says he has high blood pressure and they took him in as a precaution, but he's cool, he's not going anywhere. Ryan then goes over what he sang and what the judges said and says, "Sofa. Safety."

Ramiele Malubay is next. Ryan recaps her performance and the judges' comments and then asks her if it was difficult for her to connect with country music. She says a little bit, but she was excited because she walked for the first time on the stage while singing. Ryan then says that after the vote, she is the first in the bottom three tonight.

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