Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"The show must go on," but can we do it without Carly Smithson?

David Cook is next and he's singing a song called, "Innocent," by Our Lady Peace. I think it's a bad idea, simply it's a song by a band that not everyone knows. I say that, of course, because it's a band that I don't know. If it's a good song, it could work for him, but it could backfire, with Simon saying it's indulgent or something like that.

Anyway, David says he chose it because the message of the song, for him, is that everyone has a good side and that you have to embrace it to try to be comfortable in your own skin. He says it's one of those songs that just speaks to him and that the message is pretty clear - that everybody's got a good heart.

It starts out really bad, simply because the register is too low to understand any of the lyrics. Then, he kind of walks off the stage toward the judges and I have to say, I really don't know what Paula's all dancing around for - this is not a song you dance to. She's so weird. Oh no - how cheesy... at the end of the song, David puts up his hand and written on his palm are the words, "give back." I think he's crossed the line a little bit tonight and let his ego get carried away. I think he's fantastic, but he's not yet a star. He needs to tone it down or else people are going to stop voting for him - nobody likes arrogance. Plus, this wasn't his best performance - the song wasn't mind-blowing. I was actually kind of disappointed.

But as an aside, he is getting cuter - he's letting the facial hair grow in and the haircut is still looking pretty good - not bad at all in the looks department - but that horrendous jacket has to go - it reminds me of something Prince would wear. Now, I love Prince, but I think we can all agree that Prince is the only one who can get away with wearing most of the things that Prince wears.

Randy tells him he's a huge fan of David's but that this wasn't one of his strongest weeks - he didn't quite get it. Paula say he is the whole package and she believes in him. Simon says he didn't like this performance very much at all - he thought it was a teensy-weensy bit pompous and it wasn't anywhere near as good as the last two weeks. To be fair, there have been reports that his brother is fighting some kind of cancer, so perhaps he just didn't have the same time to practice this week, who knows?

I have to be honest - I've grown tired of having to write about Carly. I'm bored by her - I'm bored by her yelling, I'm bored by her personality, just bored, bored, bored. But since this is blog is for work, I suppose I have to fulfill my duties, but I just want the record to show that I'm writing about her under protest.

She's singing "The Show Must Go On," by Queen. She says the lyrics are very inspirational to her - that it's all about how life must go on and no matter how many times you get bumped or knocked in the road, you must use every moment of your life and make every moment count. She says she watched Freddie Mercury on Live Aid when she was a little girl and never thought she'd be part of something like "Idol Gives Back" and she's so happy to be there.

I wonder how many lines before the yelling begins - let's count, shall we? I counted like 7 or 8. I mean, I guess I should be grateful that she waited for the chorus to unleash the shrieks, but why does there have be yelling at all? Her voice is pretty during the song's verses - why does she ruin it every time? It's actually not a bad performance, even with the screaming, but like I said, I'm so over her. I just want to waste the energy to type about her anymore.

Randy says it started out good and then in the middle, it got a little pitchy when she hit the high notes and it ended up OK. He says it was disconnected for him, that it didn't quite hit the mark. Paula says her voice is pretty perfect, but that she didn't feel engaged with her. Simon says she looks good, and that he thought it was an unusual choice of song and that he thinks she oversang it (FINALLY!!! Someone agrees with me) to the point where she lost control of the song and that it came over as a kind of angry performance and that again, she chose the wrong song and he thinks she might be in a bit of trouble after tonight.


Anonymous said...

Show must go on...without Carly :-)

Anonymous said...

Was it just me? Or did David Cook look so pale and exhausted? He looked so sad and dejected after Simon's critique.

He is wearing the orange wristband of a little girl suffering from cancer. He wrote "Give Back" on his hand -- may seem pompous to you, but I feel he really dedicated his performance tonight to helping give back.

Anonymous said...

Carly was awful. She has a great voice, but she did scream her way thru and she looked so angry!!!! Not exactly inspirational. I hope she is in bottom three.

The Masked Writer said...

Give me a break with the writing on the hand. This guy needs to come back to reality.

CJ...Mom 2 Jules said...

Since they already recorded the special (sunday night), perhaps the writing on the hand is genuine. having been a part of something big (and weren't we all after 9-11?), you know how when you're touched or inspired you carry that enthusiasm. IF it's true about his brother (or even if it's not) and the bracelet for the little girl, you know, he might be more apt to be emotional or become more involved. I don't think it's that much different than other ones making peace signs and such (or, say, all the flippin' ink on Carly).

Anonymous said...

David Cook is a good-hearted guy and a very talented singer. He did not have the best night, but it was not so bad that he should be kicked off! No way!

I think all the contestants look exhausted. Some just had more or better make-up on than the others'.