Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No surprises yet

The Ford commercial is set to "Tainted Love," one of the most overused songs ever and it had a bit of a "Take on Me" feel, with cartoon drawings coming alive and stuff. It was OK.

So now they've got President Bush making a speech about Idol Gives Back. Maybe it's because I'm so pressed for time, but seriously, why are we listening to this right now? Can we just get to the results please?

Oh interesting - we're starting a bottom two tonight instead of bottom three. First two up are David Cook and David Archuleta. Ryan mentions that David Cook normally likes to change up the arrangements each week and he asks David why he kept it straight this week. David says that Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the most definable song writers he has ever known, met or heard of and he kept hearing things about being predictable, so he decided what could be more unpredictable than singing a song the way it was written? Ryan then asks David Archuleta if this was a tough for him in terms of preparation. He says every week is so crazy because they're always rehearsing, trying to figure out how they can make their performance the best it could be, so he was happy with it, glad with what he did. Anyway, after all of that, Ryan tells them they are bot safe.

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naslilopez said...

Dadid Cook should be the one to become this America´s next Idol. He´s fantastic and his songs are great, and he looks great. I´m already his fan.
Panama, Republic of Panama