Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Catching up

So, looks like we're taking another break now to catch up with some past "Idol" contestants now live in Nashville. Tenn.

First up is Bucky Covington, from Season 5, He says, Being on 'American Idol', for me, was probably the most intense thing and smartest thing I've ever did." Yes, he really said "I've ever did." You can't make that up. He says that you don't have to win the show to go on and do something. He says he signed a deal after the show and recorded an album. He says he has two singles out now and that things have been just awesome.

Phil Stacey from last season is up next. He says the show was an amazing experience. He says that after the tour last year, he recorded an album, which is due out April 29, and he says that with how much he travels, he's just enjoying all the time he can get with his wife and two babies, that he's just living the dream.

Just outside of Nashville, we catch up with Bo Bice, runner-up to Carrie Underwood on Season 4. He says the past couple of years have been pretty rough for him - he had intestinal surgery, spending 60 days in a hospital bed. He says it took three surgeries to get his stomach right - it took its toll on him and he decided to just take a year off. In that time he built a recording studio and started a record label and put out an album. He says on his second album, he got back to his roots - Southern Rock. He says he was so self-absorbed into his music, he never dreamt of being a dad - but that it's been the biggest dream come true for him. His son Aidan is now 21/2. He ends up by thanking "American Idol," because he says no one would know his name if it weren't for the show.

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