Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Playing games with the results

The group song this week sing is "One Sweet Day," the song Mariah Carey did with Boys II Men. It's very good - they actually gave Jason a pretty long solo, which he did very well. Carly's solo was nothing but yelling - why am I even surprised anymore?

Next up Ryan reminds us the there is only one week left to vote in the song-writing competition. And then he plays highlights from last night.

And it's quickly on to the results. Jason Castro is first - that means he's safe - awesome! Anyway, Ryan asks him if he's ever been to a luau, referring to Randy's comment from last night and he says he hasn't, that he hasn't been to the beach and he's trying to get there. Ryan doesn't tell him he's safe yet - just asks him to start a group to his left.

David Cook is next. Ryan asks him if it was tough to sing "Always Be My Baby". David says no, that there were a lot of things that happened this week and it all came to a head at that moment. He says the fact that he put so much of himself into that performance and the fact that it went oer as well as it did was a little overwhelming. I'm sure he's talking about his brother visiting - it was very touching. Ryan tells him to start a group over to his right. That sucks. That means that Jason is probably in the bottom three, because surely David Cook is safe.

Carly Smithson is next and Ryan asks her if she thinks she held back last night. She says no, that she really enjoyed herself and actually turns to tell Simon that as far as the season goes, she thinks Simon has been a bit hard on her. Simon responds by saying that he has been hard on her because he thinks she is potentially great and he just wants to give her that extra push sometimes. After the vote, Ryan tells Carly to head to her left and join Jason.

Kristy Lee Cook is next and Ryan asks hr what her reaction is to the critiques last night. She says that most of the time, she agrees with the judges, but Simon can be a ?? sometimes. It sounded like she said butthead, but would she really say that on TV? I played it back a few times, but I just can't make out what she says. Ryan then tells her to join David to his right.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no -- have some faith in Jason -- he in the TOP group -- you'll see. The producers are just messing around with us. By the way you should download Jason's STUDIO release of "I Don't Want to Cry." You will be blown away. It is THAT good.

Anonymous said...

Jason singing "One Sweet Day" was anything but sweet.

That song is not in his "wheelhouse"