Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Gives Back: Eli and Peyton Manning

Adam Sandler does the spot back from break, it seems like it was shot via webcam or something.

Ah, I just figured it out--they are live at their usual stage, all the contestants are spread out on stage answering phones (and using Apple laptops... so hard to tell). But the musical performances were for the most part all taped, from the Kodak Theater.

Except Ryan's pretending he's tossing it to the stars there, as if they were really standing by this very second (which they're not).

Anyway, Eli Manning! And his bro, Peyton--checking back on New Orleans, two and a half years later. The Mannings are good people, come across as very genuine in the clips. They talk to a bunch of kids, about how Katrina's affected them; some of the money Idol raises has been going to help rebuild the city.

I think Peyton's going to go into politics when his playing days are over; he's got that look, and earnestness.

You can donate at 1-877-436-5234.


Anonymous said...

do you know what song is playing at the end of their video?

Jamshid Mousavinezhad said...

Sorry, I don't know--maybe someone else knows?