Wednesday, April 9, 2008

David Archuleta must have "Angels" on his side

Click here for photos from last night's performances.

David Archuleta is next and he says he had a tough time picking an inspirational song this week because there were a few he was thinking about and he wasn't sure which one to sing, so he went through them and when he came to "Angels," by Robbie Williams, there was just something about that song was so different, that he felt it so strongly - the message and the lyrics - that despite what you're going through, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

He plays the piano tonight and I almost feel like the song could have been better if it had just been him and the piano... also there are parts of this song that are just too low for his voice - he may have picked the wrong key to sing in because some notes are so low for him that his voice actually gives out a bit. But once he gets to the chorus, he seems OK. I don't know - it's definitely not his best performance, but Syesha and Carly were still way worse, so I feel like it was OK and America is so in love with him, anyway, that even if it had been horrible, I'm sure he'd still be safe.

Randy tells him that was his hottest moment all season (WHAT?), that it was crazy hot and he loved it. Paula says fantastic and Simon says best song choice of the night, but not his best vocal. He thought it was a bit nasally and that the end part was better than the beginning. He then tells him that he's nitpicking because he's going to sail through to the next round.

Brook White is last tonight and she's singing "You've Got a Friend." She says a lot of people know it by James Taylor, but that Carole King actually wrote the song, that it was on her "Tapestry" album. She says that whole album inspired her to want to do music. She says she sang this song with two of her best friend in a talent show and that it has a lot of meaning to her and that it's just one of those feel-good songs that makes people feel happy.

Her dress has a kind of 60s flavor, a little bit hippy-ish, and I have to admit, I kind of like it. What I don't really like is her choice of song - it's boring and I'm totally tuning her out right now. She sounds OK, bit it's not her best. I think this performance cements the bottom three for me - I think it will be Syesha, Carly and Brooke.

Randy says it was just OK for him, that it wasn't her best performance, that it was just all right. Paula says it was one of her favorite songs growing up and that it was the perfect song to close the evening and that she's definitive. Simon says it was like a pleasant walk in the park - that it was nice. He says it wasn't original, but it was pleasant.

So, time for guessing. As I just mentioned, I think the bottom three will be Syesha, Brooke and Carly. I think Brooke will make it another week, just because she's had such strong performances in the past. I think Syesha and Carly share the same problem - they're both dull. But I think Carly picks songs that are just a touch more interesting that Syesha does, so my guess is Syesha goes home Thursday night. Now if all goes as planned, I will be blogging live (at least it will start out live) tomorrow night for "Idol Gives Back." Telethons are usually so boring and since I was on vacation last year, I don't really know what to expect, but I'm hoping it will be enjoyable and not just a show filled with video clips of stars doing good deeds.


Anonymous said...

David is lucky that the other contestants continue to falter. If he continues to pick songs that no one is familiar with, it will cost him votes in future rounds.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a head to head poll of who is less sincere - David Archuletta or Melinda Doolittle.

I also added this post because it shows "1 comments" and that is my personal pet peeve :-)

Anonymous said...

David A. will be in the finale, no matter what he sings. That having been said, I agree that the lower range was not good, but the last part was fantastic. I didn't like him on the piano and I think his vocal might have been better if he sang with an accompanist.

Brooke, however, should have been on the piano with her song, which Carole King performed on her piano. Then, Brooke could have controlled the pace of the song and made it seem more "inspirational."

I also think it will be Syesha, Carly and Brooke in bottom 3.

Anonymous said...

Wait -- what about Michael Johns??? He might be in the bottom 3 -- he went first and he wasn't that great. (Although I like him better than Carly, he might not do as well as she did with the voters).

Kirk McDonough said...

Nobody might be going home this week.
Last year, for Idol Gives Back, they combined the votes from this week's and next week's performance and they sent home two people.

Danny said...

are they sending somebody home this week? if they do, i think Brooke is a goner although it should be David Cook, who was just awful on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

They are definitely planning on letting someone go this week. Thursday night is a scheduled results show. On Larry King Live the other night, Simon said he disagreed with the producers last year, when they decided not to cut someone. I think that is b/c last yr they did the results the very same nite as the Idol Gives Back show. And it was not in the "spirit of the nite" to kick someone off.

This year, it (results show) is on a separate nite (Thurs)
BUT, you never know -- it might all be a big teaser and they might end up "saving" the designated loser from elimination at the last minute.

Riley Martin said...

It doesnt matter who goes tonight. The next 3 to go are Syeesha, Carly and then Brooke.

Anonymous said...

i just don't see the appeal of David Archuletta at all. he doesn't seem of this planet (and that's not tongue-in-cheek for how incredible his talent is...i really don't see it). i truly hope he doesn't make the will feel like a wasted season to me if he wins.