Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Michael Johns singing country? "It's all wrong but it's all right"

I had a feeling someone would sing "I Will Always Love You." I think this could go either way for Syesha Mercado. Either people will feel relief for finally recognizing one of these songs and will vote for her because her song is familiar, or they'll be turned off by the fact that they've heard Whitney Houston's version of this song a billion times and are sick of it, so an imitation of a song they're sick of may be even worse. I guess we'll see tomorrow.

As expected, Dolly says Syesha made a real good choice with the way she performed the song. She combined the simplicity of the song and the way Dolly had done it and then added some parts from the way Whitney Houston did it. She says Syesha's not shy, that she just came out and did her thing, that she's a pretty girl and a good singer.

I have to admit, I am one of those people who is quite sick of this song, having heard it more times than necessary. Having said that, Syesha is singing it beautifully - it's just a shame, because no one can outsing Whitney Houston, certainly not a contestant on "American Idol." Plus, the super long note at the end, I'm sure it was supposed to be impressive - instead it felt a little over the top. I doubt Syesha will go home tomorrow, especially since Ramiele was so bad tonight... but I hope she starts picking better songs. It's like she either takes on too much or not enough - she hasn't quite found a comfortable spot. But on a positive note, what a beautiful necklace she's wearing - it looks like the sun, but made of diamonds...and she's wearing a yellow dress - yellow is always a plus!!

Randy says she took on the biggest tiger of the night and he thinks she did pretty good - that it's still hard for him to hear anybody else sing that song, but it was all right. Paula says she looks beautiful and she's growing and connecting with the audience. Simon says he almost wishes Syesha hadn't gotten this song because the first part was good, but the second part paled in comparison to the Whitney version. So therefore, he doesn't know if it helped her that much. He says it was good, but not a fantastic version of the song.

Michael Johns is last and he tells Dolly Parton that she was his first concert in 1986. She says that he seemed nervous but she could tell that he genuinely was a fan. She says she likes his voice, that he would make some great records and she thinks she could probably write some good songs for him, so she's hoping he does become a star.

I'm really not crazy about the ascot, but he's so cute, I'll let it slide this one time. Plus, he sounds amazing tonight - he sings "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right." I was afraid that he was only good when he sang Queen songs, but my goodness, I was wrong. He's really on tonight - his voice is strong and powerful, he looks confident and sure of himself. Plus he's so handsome - I usually don't notice since I'm so in love with Jason, but let's be real... Jason will likely go home before Michael, and who will I look at when he's gone?

Randy tells him he keeps bringing it up a notch every week, that it was a blazing hot performance. Paula says something about Dolly Parton being amazing and Michael being gorgeous, but it was all kind of mushed together and none of it was very coherent, so let's skip her... Simon tells him it's been an interesting night tonight but he has to say something to him. He says he thinks this is the best he's heard Michael sing in the entire competition.

Well, it;s an easy choice for me tonight... Everyone was good tonight, except Ramiele. I think she'll go home tomorrow. I think Jason and Carly might join her in the bottom three, but it has to be her tomorrow. It has to be...


Dolly Parton Lover said...

Omg, Dolly Parton is so wonderful! You forget how great Dolly is until you see her and then you fall in love all over again. What an amazing lady!

Anonymous said...

Finally Michael sang something besides Queen that actually sounded in tune.
Overall, though, Jason has performed better. He should stay on the show longer, IMO.