Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brooke White last to join the bottom three

Back to the results. Next up is Syesha Mercado. Ryan asks her if "I Will Always Love You" was a tough song to sing and she says it's a hard question because she didn't want to be compared - she wanted to just sing it, but that it comes with the territory. Ryan tells her that after the vote, she is safe.

It's down to Jason Castro and Brooke White and even though it saddens me, I think it's clear that Jason is the last to join the bottom three. Ryan asks Brooke if, after watching the show, she was pleased with her performance and she says she hasn't had a chance to watch the show, so he asks her how she felt last night. She says she had a great time - she enjoyed the set-up and she asks Simon to apologize to the nice violinist he insulted last night - he apologizes to him, and to Carly, and to the audience and to pretty much everybody. Ryan then asks Jason how he felt about his performance and he says he felt really good about it, that he had fun.

Wow - I'm totally in shock... Ryan tells Brooke that she is in the bottom three and Jason is safe.

Ryan then asks Simon what his thoughts are on the bottom three and he says he thinks it's absolutely right.


Anonymous said...

Eileen, you must have faith in the supporters of Jason and in the American public. His performance was so uplifting and spiritual, while Brooke (who went first Tuesday, never a good spot)sang an unimpressive, non-Brooke cover of Jolene. Wrong song, not in tune. It was her turn to be in bottom 3.

Jason is going to remain to delight your eyes and my ears.

Anonymous said...

I think Jason should go next

Anonymous said...

Jason is an amazing performer -- you should listen to the studio version of Travelin Thru -- it is his best and most inspirational performance. I thought he looked so confident when he sang the lyrics -- I think he is actually too good for AI.