Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No bottom three yet

No big surprise - the group song is to Dolly Parton's "9 to 5." It's very cute, but I'm disappointed to see that Jason is making it a bit of a joke. He's exaggerating all the dance moves and being kind of silly all around. As much as I love him, I thought it was a little disrespectful.

After a recap of last night's performances, it's on to the results. First up is Michael Johns. Ryan asks him how he felt about his performance last night, and he says he was totally in his element, that he loved singing it. After America's vote, he is safe.

Up next is David Archuleta. Ryan asks him if singing "Smoky Mountain Memories" was emotional for him and he says that it was. he says it's a great song with a great message and it really touched him when he heard Dolly sing it. Ryan then tells him he moved America and he is in the top 8.

Carly Smithson is next and Ryan plays kind of a mean trick on her. After going over what she sang last night and what the judges said, he says, "Now, you are no strange to the bottom three." They show Carly and she's clearly disappointed, she closes her eyes and looks like she's trying to hold back tears. He then asks her, "Which way, if you had a choice would you go?" She responds, "Over there," referring to the couches that represent the safe contestants. Then Ryan says, "Go do it. You are safe." Mean.


Anonymous said...

jason really can't dance. he wasn't being disrespectful!!
i love watching the goofy moves.
the whole concept is stupid -- making them do those lame danes. Puh-leeze. Just sing!!

Anonymous said...

i meant lame dances, not danes