Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jason Castro and David Archuleta are safe

They start the show pretty quick tonight, almost immediately going into the group song, which is a tribute to Neil Diamond, this week's mentor. I have to say, it's not one of their best performances -- maybe 5 people is just not enough for a group song, I don't know. But they all seem kind of unsure of the songs and the choreography -- it was a very tentative and cautious kind of performance.

Like every week, they show a clip of last night's performances and then Ryan takes a minute to address Paula's major screw-up last night. He says the rumors are not true (my assumption is that people said she was either drunk or on drugs) and that she is part of their family and they love her.

So on to the results. Jason Castro is up first. Ryan asks him if he knows what Simon meant when he said that he wasn't the Jason they put into the competition. He says he was thinking back and the weeks he got really good comments were weeks when he did songs he already knew, or changed a song and last night, he didn't know any of the songs and he didn't change them. Ryan asks him if he's nervous right now and he says yeah, a little. Ryan stalls for a bit, but then tells him to head to the sofas, that he is safe.

David Archuleta is next and Ryan asks Paula what she meant when she told David that she wants to see him have more fun on stage. She says there's a certain zone you hit when you're a performer and she's seen him hit it many times and she just wants to see that joy. Ryan then asks David if, at this stage, he feels like he's being more careful, more cautious? David says that this week, he just wanted to have fun, that in previous weeks, he had done more mature-sounding sounds, so he wanted to enjoy this week, but that he'll work on it some more. Ryan tells him he's safe and he puts on this really surprised and shocked look, which is kind of strange, because he's never really done that before. I wonder why he's so shocked tonight.


Anonymous said...

After the disgraceful treatment that idiot Paula and the American Idol producers gave Jason Castro, he deserved to be called to the safe sofa first.


Anonymous said...

Jason Castro has no personality whatsoever and is BORING! GO HOME JASON! ..and take david cook with you.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be a teenager to enjoy watching and hearing Jason Castro sing. I'm past 60 and love his sound, I will buy His CD if one comes out.

The Masked Writer said...

The reason why Archuletta was so "shocked" last night was because he was obviously told to act that way, most probably by the father. The Archuletta "team" probably thinks by acting shocked he will get more votes. The unfortunate thing for him is that he is such a poor actor it came across as pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Jason Castro is still on Idol is appalling. It has always been state that this is a SINGING COMPETITION, something Sanjaya does better than Jason. He has no personality but to shrug his shoulders and yawn. What ANYBODY sees in this clown is unbelievable. Michael Johns gets voted off and this yutz stays??? Give me a break. This show has really gone down hill. If this guy wins it's an affront to anyone who can carry a tune!!!!

Anonymous said... David A. is a cute little boy. And he sings the power notes well. But his music does nothing for me, personally. Jason or David Cook --okay, now you're talking. I cannot relate to anyone else on the show (except maybe Michael Johns, but he is gone). The only 2I would even consider paying to hear sing would be Jason Castro or Dave Cook. If anyone else wins, this show will not be watched in our home ever again.