Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Gives Back: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Carrie Underwood, Terri Hatcher

Some wrestling star next--The Game Triple H?!--in a clip, asks us to give. Then, Paula Abdul in a red gown and Randy Jackson in a spiffy double-breasted black suit appear to talk about children's health.

They're pretty stiff, introducing video of their trip to Goshen elementary school, 150 miles from their studios in LA. A lot of the kids come from migrant worker families, Randy and Paula sound oddly formal in their narration but they seem to really connect with the kids in the video clips.

The poverty is pretty stark--one of the teachers breaks down talking about her kids. Donations have helped the school feed the kids, and do some renovations.

Then, a weird transition to a bit where Carrie Underwood is with some plumber guy from Desperate Housewives, Terri Hatcher stalks in and pretends to get jealous, says if Carrie's gonna steal her man, she's gonna steal her song.

Sure enough, Hatcher gets up on stage, sings a very amateurish version of Before I Cheat. If she were on the show, Randy would say pitch problems, and Simon would say she oversang. Paula would note how good she looks.

Mary Murphy does a hog yell, says she's gonna do it until we donate. Then she keeps yelling, Whoo-hooo!


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