Thursday, April 10, 2008

No bottom three yet

As if 21/2 hours last night wasn't enough, the first thing we're subjected to tonight is a recap of last night's events. And it turns out you can still donate if you want to.

Tonight's group song is "Shout to the Lord," which I believe they sang last night, too. It's actually a very nice song, very spiritual.

Then they play this very silly video of stars lip-synching to "I'm a Believer," by the Monkees. I have to say, it's been nothing but filler so far. Boring...

Finally... the results...Ryan says 31 million votes came in this week. Brooke White is up first. Ryan mentions that she was emotional after her performance and he asks her what was going on. She says her sister is getting married on Saturday and she probably won't be able to be there, but hen corrects herself and says that she doesn't want to be presumptuous - maybe she will be there. And then she says, "Let's find out," kind of mimicking Ryan - and he tells that since she's being such a good host, why doesn't she just read the last line on his card, which he hands to her and she reads with relief that she is safe.

David Cook is next and Ryan asks him if he had to bite his tongue when Simon called him pompous. David says that no, he was thinking about how earlier in the season, Simon had called him arrogant and smug and now pompous, so he was wondering what other word could be used. Then Ryan tels him that America voted and he is safe.

David Archuleta is next - do we even need to go over what happens? We know he's safe. Ryan asks him if it was tricky playing the piano and David says it was pretty new performing in front of so many people with it, but he's glad he went for it. Ryan says it worked out because he is safe.

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