Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not looking great for Jason is reporting that Ryan Seacrest leaked the fact that Jason is the one who's going home tonight. I wonder if that's true. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

So the groups song tonight is "All I Ask of You" with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the piano. I have to say, it's not really my cup of tea - I find it kind of dull. It all sounded nice and all, but it didn't entertain me.

So after showing a recap of last night's show, Ryan sits down with Andrew Lloyd Webber and talks to him about the difference between TV and theater singing. Randy comments on how difficult this week was because of how specific the melodies are in Webber's songs. Ryan asks Webber what he thinks of Brooke's starting and stopping and he says that we all lose our way sometimes and he thinks she has a real future and that she was flawless in the dress rehearsal.

Webber clearly doesn't like Jason - I noticed last night and thought maybe he was just being kind of funny, but tonight, he comments again about how he didn't think Jason was going to listen to anything he had to say and he thought his song choice was the most curious he's ever known in his career and that he agreed with Simon last night and he didn't think Jason could have been happy with his performance, but he wanted to do it and that's that. I wonder if they're setting it up for Jason to go home - I hope not.


Bill said...

Sorry, but I don't care how "charming" Jason is. His singing on "Memories" was weak, weak, weak. I cringed listening to it. He should not have stayed. What's awful is that this truly is a stupid popularity contest, and most of the 'tweens that are voting for him wouldn't know a talented singer if one fell on them. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, now that I think of it.

Anonymous said...

You are all so brainwashed by the AI producers. Nobody cares what Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks, that perverted, opportunistic weirdo. How unprofessional of both Webber and the producers to have him admonish Jason but praise that stupid Mormon flake Brooke White.

Jason Castro has the sound and expressiveness in his music that resonates positively with his fans. LOL if you think they are teens and tweens -- those votes go to the 2 Davids. Jason's fans are mainly over 21.

Anonymous said...

The bigger travesty here is that Carly was sent off, but Jason remains.
He cannot sing, has no clue what the songs he sings are about (oh, this song was sung by a cat?) His Q& A sessions seem to indicate that his head is the slightest bit empty.
I think the 'tweens who are feverishly hitting re-dial for him each week will not be buying his CD either. And LOL @ the comment about "nobody cares what ALW thinks". Yeah, he has no eye for talent.uh-huh

Anonymous said...

Jason needs to go home. I can't imagine how anyone would think that dreadlock boy is cute. He isn't talented enough to still be on the show. Michael Johns and Carly are way more talented than Jason and it's a shame that the tweens think that he's cute and they're only voting based on that.

Anonymous said...

Jason is the type of singer that people either "get" or don't get.

Obviously, enough people "get him" because he is still on the show.

The 2 Davids and Jason will be the top 3. Brooke and Syesha can't get the female "tweens" or "teens" or adults to support them. First, Carly. Next, Brooke. Then, Syesha. Buh-bye, ladies. This is a man's game.