Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stupid questions

And now it's time for the dreaded phone calls.

First question is for Syesha - What do you miss most about your home life? She says "just being able to hang out with friends and family, but 'American Idol' is my family now."

Next... question for David Cook - If you could succeed at any other talent, what would it be and why? He says "Uh, I don't know if it's a talent, but I wish I were more organized - I'm kind of a slob. My mom is in the audience and I'm sure she'll attest, but and my roommates - sorry Michael and Jason. Uh, yeah, I guess that would be it."

Next question is for Randy - The guys says, "It seems like you've worked with just about everybody. Is there anybody you haven't worked with before?" He says, "Uh, I tell you what, you know what? I'd love to do a song with whoever wins 'American Idol' this year. What a concept."

Next question is kind of screwy - the TV screen behind Ryan says the question is for Simon and the question on the screen says, "Do you have a book of insults that you use or are they original?" But the actual caller says her question is for Michael Johns or David Cook - Is there a certain song you hope to sing on the 'Idols' tour this summer?" Michael Johns says jokingly, "Islands in the Stream," but then says that he hasn't really thought about it - that they're still thinking week-to-week.

The last question is for Simon from a lady named Mary - "Why do you feel it necessary to apologize after giving a negative critique?" He says "Mary, I like you. You're right - I'm crazy doing it. I will never, ever apologize again."

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