Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"America," are you really sure about David Archuleta?

David Archuleta sings "America" and it feels a little bit like Kristy Lee singing "God Bless the USA," like he's obviously looking to garner as many votes as he can -- totally cheesy. But he sounded great, so I guess that's all that matters, right? I read an interview in which his dad says that he's David's musical consultant, which means, basically, that David's dad is choosing these songs; so I can't really blame David himself, but he sang the two most obvious songs -- the most well-known. It's like he thinks people vote for the songs they recognize -- he doesn't trust that people will vote for his voice, whether they know the songs or not. He could have really taken a chance tonight and sung a completely unknown song and made it special, but instead he played it safe, as usual. I just wonder if this is the guy we want to buy music from. It's getting to the end of this competition, and I think the winner should be the one we'd spend money on, the one we'd pay to see in concert, the one whose CD we'd spend money to buy, and for me, that person is so not David Archuleta - it's David Cook, and perhaps Jason Castro, if he made a CD with songs like "Hallelujah." So, when you pick up the phone to vote for David Archuleta, just ask yourself if you're really sure - are you really going to follow his career a year from now, 3 months from now, even?

Anyway, Randy loves him and tells him that for a young man, he's definitely in the zone, another good performance. Paula says this was the perfect song for him to sing, that his voice is so on point and some other gibberish I don't feel like rewinding for. Simon says that was a smart choice of song, that it was clever. He says he ticked the boxes, meaning it was absolutely the right choice, check, check, check (gesturing like he's checking off boxes on a checklist).

Last one of the night is Syesha, singing "Thank the Lord for the Nighttime." The song is not a ballad, so I'm loving it just because of that. But she does a great job with it - I think she's improved so much after getting to put some performance into her singing last week for Andrew Lloyd Webber week. It's like she really didn't think she could spice things up. But she was great last week, and this week is pretty good, too. She could manage to sneak up on the Davids without them even realizing it.

Randy tells her that she's finally realizing who she is, that she is also in the zone and this is the way he likes her. Paula says she didn't get to comment on her first song, so she says she loves hearing her vulnerable side, that it's her magic, but her second song shows a whole different side and it's her theatrical side. she said something else, too, but her thoughts are so jumbled, they're hard to decipher. Simon tells Syesha that what she demonstrated again is that she is a very good actress/singer. But he thinks she may be in trouble tonight. Syesha asks why and he says that there are only 5 of them left and it was a calculated guess. He just didn't think she had a really memorable second song like some of the other ones did.

Well, I think Syesha was pretty great this week - I'm actually going to keep her out of my bottom two. I think the judges badly want to get rid of Jason, so I think he may end up in the bottom two and I think Brooke White will join him. If we're being fair, I think Brooke will go home tomorrow, but you never know - the producers can alter the results any which way the want. But, I'm sticking to my guns - I say Brooke tomorrow.


The Masked Writer said...

I hope there is a shocker tonight with at least Archuletta or Cook in the bottom 2. That would liven up the show a little. If they cut out all the banter and Seacrest saying " AMERican Idol" they wouldn't have had to squeeze in the show. People just want to hear what Simon has to say anyway. I am sick of Brooke already, she has to shut up already when she is being judged and stop with the pouty face. I am sorry, I like Jason but he just can't sing that good. How can they expect wow performances when they are singing Broadway and Neil Diamond? They need to let them sing what they want or top 40. Syesha needs to put on shoes, it would make her a lot better looking.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Randy said david Archuletta was"THE BOMB" I think he BOMBED! I find him boring week after week. There's no dynamics in his voice it's all just so monitoned. It seems to me the show is hyping him up to win!
I believe that David Cook is the true talent on this show and should if it does in fact remain and singing contesthe will win by a landslide!!!

Anonymous said...

The judges have wanted little Awfuleta to win since he came on the show. If he maked a CD, get ready for the same sound, sung the same way, with different words and every one of them BORING. The kid couldn't sing an upbeat number of he wanted to. Maybe on judges week, they'll have the guts to pick an upbeat song for him. Of course, he probably slow it down and "make it his own", blechh! Then Randy will call him The Bomb, Paula will ask him out and Simon will tell him it was boring. The only one worthy of winning is David Cook. However, for the sake of his career I think he'll be better off not winning. Otherwise the Idol people will try to turn him into some type of Pop singer.

Anonymous said...

Little David has obviously been the expected winner all along. Until a voting juggernaut called the DreadNerds came along. Ooohhh -- AI execs are getting so nervous!!! Heeeheee. Dave Cook and Jason Castro fans will not rest their dialing and texting fingers until there is a Cook/Castro finale!