Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To Carly Smithson's yelling..."Here you come again"

Dolly Parton says Carly Smithson picked a perfect song for her voice - "Here You Come Again," Dolly says she writes just about everything she does, but this song was actually written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. She says when she heard Carly sing it, she thought, "Now that's the type of voice this song was really written for," so she thought she made a good choice.

I'm kind of confused by her outfit today - the past few weeks have been weird, in fact. Two weeks in a row, she wore things that made people think she was pregnant, then last week she wore a tight dress to dispel those rumors and now this week, she's wearing like spandex leggings with boots on. Of course, I'm paying attention to her clothes so I can avoid paying attention to her voice. I'm sick of her - I mean, she sounds great again tonight, but it's just a matter of time before she starts screaming - probably in the chorus... Yup - there it is. She just can't get through a song without yelling. At least tonight, it was rather delayed - didn't come until close to the end.

Randy says it was probably one of the better performances of the night. Paula says it was glorious, that she's an amazing talent. Simon tells her it was good, not great. He then says to her, "I also think, Carly, that you gotta have a word with whoever's dressing you at the moment." Ha!! Hilarious!!! I almost feel bad for her - she looks quite stunned, but finally, someone said it to her. He tells her that it this stage, she has to start looking more like a star and he's not seeing that progression.

Dolly Parton says that when David Archuleta started to sing "Smoky Mountain Memories," it's a song so dear to her heart, and she could feel that he was so into it and his little emotion was feeling exactly what she had written in the song. She tells him that she's trying not to cry, that she's trying to keep her false eyelashes in place. She says she really thinks he has a voice to become a great, great singer.

Finally, David Archuleta is back - this song was perfect for him. I'm annoyed that it's yet another ballad, but you know what? David Cook sings a rock version of a song every week, so maybe David Archuleta will just be a balladeer. He's at his best with these heartfelt songs - he really does have a way of expressing emotion, of evoking emotion in the listener. Plus, I have to admit - he won me over withe argyle sweater - what can I say? I'm a sucker for argyle. The stylist must be, too, because right off the top of my head, I know Chikezie wore an argyle sweater this season, Kevin Covais did in his season, so did that Jared Cotter guy and even Blake Lewis, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, David would have been spectacular even without the sweater - just beautiful tonight.

Randy tells him he's back and that he stand corrected - that that was the best performance of the night right there. Paula says he's strong and he has a beautiful aura about him, that he's glorious. Simon says he had issues with his choice of song last week, but this week, absolutely on the money.

Dolly Parton tells Kristy Lee Cook that she looks especially pretty and she responds with "Not as pretty as you are." Huh? Dolly herself once said about her look, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." I mean, I think Dolly Parton used to be quite a beautiful lady, but after all the plastic surgery she's had, it's all a little fake. But anyway, Dolly says she really felt "The Coat of Many Colors." She says the song is a rue story from her own childhood and it's about her mother. She says she thinks Kristy Lee made it her own.

Well, Kristy looks beautiful tonight - her dress is lovely. I'm not sure why she's barefoot - maybe she hates wearing heels as much as I do, who knows? But, talk about a comeback kid. She should have been kicked off this show weeks and weeks ago - she was terribly out of tune most of the time and for some reason, America kept voting for her - perhaps simply because she's such a pretty girl. But finally, the second week in a row now, she's singing in tune, picking good songs and really, I don't even think she'll be anywhere near danger tomorrow night.

Randy tells her that country music is definitely her wheelhouse (not sure what that means...assuming it means niche or something of the sort) and that she gives a very nice performance. Paula says she looks stunning and that it was a beautiful performance. Simon totally disagrees - he says last week was her best performance and that tonight was pleasant but forgettable.


Anonymous said...

Carly sounded good to me, although on replay, I did hear a little screaming. Simon was correct about her "look," but it sounded mean. Kristy did a decent job, but should have swapped songs with Brooke.

Anonymous said...

Wheelhouse is the drivers position on a boat..