Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Gives Back: Gloria Estefan, Sarah Silverman, Forest Whitaker, Prime Minister Gordon Brown

Ellen Degeneres, one of my favorite TV personalities, urges us to give. Then--Gloria Estefan! We know from past seasons that she's a big Idol fan; it's amazing how liquid her hips still are, after all this time. She sings Get on Your Feet, of course.

Sarah Silverman... hmm, wonder if Matt Damon's lurking. I don't like her at all; she pretends to be an Idol judge critiquing Queen Gloria. One reason I'm not a big fan is her act is built on being tone deaf... but sometimes I don't think it's an act, she really is a bit oblivious.

Forest Whitaker is in Angola, ExxonMobil's logo flashes on the bottom left. Ha! The role of American oil companies in perpetuating African poverty isn't something that can be airbrushed over with a donation; generally the money they pay corrupt governments (some human rights groups call it kickbacks) in return for the right to drill for oil--no questions asked--helps keep repressive regimes in power.

Whitaker tells us what a big difference a malaria net and some pills can make in cutting the death rate.

Wow, it's British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who actually acts like he's parodying himself. It's a bit odd... but the UK's got a pretty good record in terms of helping Africa, he says they're giving the equivalent of $200 million to help fight poverty, which Ryan echoes. Total is up to $22 million says Ryan.

You can donate at 1-877-436-5243 or

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell no!
Was Sarah's comment about Gloria?
Im gonna hate her forever! Gloria is my idol, im so mad right now.
Note To Sarah: You know what Sarah, dont be jealous of Gloria. Shes really beautiful. And your so i dont know. No one even knows you, you wanna be. Gloria always has sold out shows and every comment you see about her includes "I love you Gloria your so beautiful!" No one likes you Sarah, get it straight! Just take the fact that Gloria is popular and your not! Cause you know what no one likes you!