Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another round of the stupid questions

Ah, the stupid questions are back. Hasn't anyone told them how stupid this segment is? The first question is for Kristy Lee Cook - was she able to buy her horse back, the one she sold to audition for "Idol?" Kristy says no, that the guy who bought her horse does not want to sell it back to her. She says it's very sad, but that the horse is in a good home.

Next question is for the judges - Saturday is National Record Store Day - what was the first record you remember buying? Randy says the first few were Led Zeppelin, Beatles and James Brown. Paula says Jackson 5, Earth, Wind and Fire and Carole King. Simon says he was 10 years old and it was Paula Abdul's "Straight Up."

Next question is for Paula - What song of yours best describes your relationship with Simon and why? She says "Let me tell you something Simon. Straight up, I'll never be forever your girl."

Next question is for Simon - what is the difference between a karaoke performance, a theme park performance and a piano bar performance? He says in a nutshell, all the ones she described are horrible, so those are not the ones they want to hear on the show.

Last question is for David Cook - Are you single? He says yes.

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