Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Take two for Carly

I know that Alberto, the hippie guy who lives in his own imagination, who has longer nails than most women and carries a Barbie doll around on a stick, is perfect for mocking. I realize that for most people, he was the funniest audition, worth writing about. But for me, it was all a little ridiculous and so I'm going to blow right past him.

So 16-year-old David Archuleta is boooring. His story is interesting - he had vocal paralysis and he had trouble talking for a while - but the way he tells it is really dull and by the end of it, I'm left not really caring. But I tell you what - his voice is actually kind of nice. It's smooth and soft and quite pleasant. He blew it a little by forgetting the words, but then he really gets going and by the end, it's really, really good. He even has Randy helping him out with a little background. He makes it through, with a yes from all three judges. I don't think he'll make it past Hollywood, but you never know... Hollywood week is always surprising.

The last audition is saved for Carly Smithson, who is originally from Ireland and whose husband has like a gazillion tattoos. She tried out for Season 5 and made it through to Hollywood, but her visa didn't come through in time and she was disqualified, so now she's back to try out again. She's very good - a little too many notes for my taste, but that's what people used to say about Mozart, so who am I to judge?

Well, right off the bat, Simon tells her it wasn't as good as two years ago and her eyes just about bug out of her head. But she gets a yes from all three judges, and she's finally going to Hollywood.

And that's it for San Diego - 31 people made it through and tomorrow, we move on to Charleston, S.C.

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