Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yuka and his sexy face... and some girl

Oh no. I'm so upset right now because they're showing Yuka, the guy who moved to America from Egypt just two years ago. It's obvious that the producers have chosen him as the first person to mock this season and it's so bothersome to me that they would make fun of someone who clearly doesn't have a grasp of the language yet and who is really just a fan of music and the show. Ugh... and he's going to sing the Bee Gees - it's just not right. I'm all for laughing at someone else's expense, especially someone who is clearly awful and just wants to be on TV, but there's something just downright mean about laughing at a guy who's sincere about his attempt to try out.

OK... I have to stop. He just said some girl told him he had a sexy face and that he wants to love a girl all the way from her hair to her nipple. Maybe it's OK to laugh at him... just a little bit.

Of course, as expected, it was not great. It wasn't the worst audition ever, but it wasn't up to par. He's just a sweet guy - I'm glad they didn't make him feel bad in telling him no. I guess I've grown cynical - I was really expecting Simon to ridicule him in some way.

Next up is Melanie Nyema, 26, of Los Angeles. Apparently, she was a back-up singer for Taylor Hicks - talk about a great success. Her voice is pretty good, but she's nowhere near the caliber of Melinda Doolittle from last season - now there was a back-up singer who deserved the spotlight. She's kind of blah in my opinion, but she makes it through to Hollywood.

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