Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A winner right off the bat

So, we're back for another season of "American Idol." Another season of crazy bad auditions, a few shining moments and ultimately, what we hope will be a new star. It hasn't worked out that way lately - Taylor Hicks was recently dropped from his label as was Katharine McPhee and Ruben Studdard. Is it possible that people are getting tired of "American Idol" and its predictable format? Is America getting sick of Simon Cowell and his terribly mean comments? I, for one, am hoping that this season is a little bit different. There have been rumors for months that this season will do away with the mentors of seasons past and will focus more on spotlighting the contestants - but is that what American wants? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

As for the auditions, let's get them started and over with already. I was watching an episode of "Intervention" last night and there was a girl on there named Joy, who auditioned in Atlanta and she didn't make it through. If that's any indication of the talent this season, I think we're in for a treat because she had a beautiful voice - I was shocked she didn't make it past the judges.

Anyway, so this week the judges are in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.
First up is Joey Catalano, 19, the New Jersey guy who has lost like 200 pounds. I have to admit, I'm immediately drawn to him. Losing that much weight is liberating, life-altering and something to be proud of. I want him to sing well just because a guy who's worked so hard deserves a break, I think. And a break is what he gets. Te judges all love him - I thought he was just OK, but he's through to the next round. I doubt he's the best talent they'll find, but for now, he's the first winner of the season.

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