Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A little "Idol" excitement

Tonight should be interesting. The auditions are in Omaha, Neb. I don't think they've ever done it before and it seems like such an unlikely place - I hope they're able to find some voices there.

I hate to laugh at people because of their weight - I've gained and lost enough weight myself to make a whole other person, but they showed this girl, very heavy-set, wearing a T-shirt that says "I beat anorexia," and that cracked me up. Not just because of the joke itself, but because the girl was comfortable enough with her weight to make the joke in the first place. Hilarious.

I feel bad for Chris Bernheisel, the guy from Fremont, Neb., who brought the judges gifts. He seems to really be sincere in his crazy love for the show and I imagine that after waiting for seven seasons, getting the chance to audition must be a big thrill. But he's so over-the-top. He comes in with stuffed animals and a photo album and he starts crying even before singing. And of course, he makes the fatal mistake - he sings Kelly Clarkson. You can't compare to Kelly Clarkson - she's not on the same level as Celine Dion or Whitney Houston, but her voice is so unique and she's a product of the show. Just a big mistake, especially since, as expected, he can't sing.

And then to top it off, he starts dancing... no joke. And he does a handstand and everything. They cut him off shortly after that and Simon tells him that the singing just wasn't good enough. Chris then asks to audition for some red carpet thing and Simon tells him to call his local Fox station and tell them that they want to see him on TV for the finale and if they don't believe him, to tell them to call Simon. Of course, the kid freaks out - like jumping up and own - crazy. If he wasn't so darn wholesome, I'd swear he was on something.

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