Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vive le difference!!

I can't even tell you how much I want Ghaleb Emachach to be good. He's originally from Venezuela, but he's living in Miami. If he's any good, he's exactly what "American Idol" needs. He says he's a musician and he plays mostly gypsy music - totally different from anyone we've seen on this show ever. Up to this point, I can't tell if he's being highlighted just to be mocked or if he makes it through, but I'm praying, I'm wishing that he's good. I'm even willing to overlook the fact that he's wearing man sandals, which is completely unacceptable.

I wonder if contestants are allowed to audition with instruments. My understanding is that this season, they would be able to perform with instruments, but I wonder if they allow it during auditions, because I feel like he made a mistake by not playing the guitar. But again, maybe that wasn't an option. His voice is actually quite nice - I really like it, but I have to admit, his accent is very thick - it's a bit distracting and I think it takes away from the overall performance. He would have done better to sing in Spanish.

Oh well - I guess this is not going to be the season for innovative new sounds, not that this guy would have definitely provided that, but I feel like he's the closest I've seen to someone who could offer something fresh to liven up this show, because for me, it's getting old - the same old auditions, the same old sound, the same old cookie-cutter contestants.

Simon's a bit harsh, I think - he tells Ghaleb that he would like him if he were drunk - I don't think it was all that bad, really. Paula hits the nail right on the head - she tells him that his voice is very good but that the problem is that he still has a very strong accent that it is hard to ignore. Simon interrupts her and she gets up la-la-la-ing to herself, trying to ignore Simon.

Wait!!! Randy says yes, so it's all up to Paula. Is it possible that he'll make it through? Will we actually have some variety this season??? It's almost too much to hope for! Paula just stares into space for a minute and then walks toward Ghaleb and says, "Welcome to Hollywood," and gives him a hug. I can't believe it! Finally, something new to look forward to!!

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