Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting bored, and boring

It's really late and I just don't have the energy for the stupidity of Milo and his "No Sex Allowed" song or whatever it's called - I'm too annoyed and tired to even rewind to make sure I got that title right.

Thank God for Kristy Lee Cook. She's adorable - gorgeous, really. And she's a cage fighter, apparently. She loves horses and camping and sold one of her horses to be able to audition. If she can carry a tune at all, I'm sure she'll make it through - she's got a great look - easy to sell.

No big shocker - beauty queen with the pretty voice makes it through.

Now we're on to this guy named Paul something and I'm wondering how the crazy stalker got past security. He gives Paula this really creepy stare and then sings a song about stalking her and trying on her underwear. It's kind of gross and I'm glad when Simon tells him he's creepy and has him escorted out.

They're clearly just trying to make for stupid TV at this point. Some guy who dressed up as a belly dancer of Princess Leia or something was told he could come back and sing if he waxed his chest, so now he's back and cleanly waxed. He's gross and pointless and I'm glad that Simon stops him before the rest of his behind comes out of his outfit.

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