Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Forget the Lyrics!!

I pray that Jason Rich, 21, the guy from Stout, Iowa, can sing, because he's so deliciously adorable, I'd love to watch him for weeks to come. He works on a farm part-time for his girlfriend's father and he says all you can see is rolling hills and it's just beautiful. He seems really down-to-earth, realistic, but hopeful. I like him - simple guy just reaching for the stars.

He starts off really good, but for some reason, stops after the first line. I guess he thought he screwed up - I thought it sounded fine. It turns out he can't remember the words, which is such a shame, because from what he can get out, his voice sounds like it could be good enough for Hollywood week. He goes a third time, gets a little farther and then stops again. Fourth time he goes for it and makes it all the way through.

This could be tough because even if his voice is good, they have to worry about him choking on live TV in the coming weeks. Randy says he has a pretty good voice and Simon says it was OK. Paula hasn't arrived yet - forgot to mention that - her flight was delayed. Jason makes it through to Hollywood, but I think it's just because Randy and Simon want to see if he can get past the nerves. Which is really nice and I think lots of girls in America are grateful that he's getting a second chance.

Arm-wrestler Rachael Wicker, 23, from Richmond, Mo., has a spunky personality that I kind of like. She says Simon's all talk and that she wants to take him down, but he says he won't arm wrestle her because he knows he won't win. What's really cool about her is that she carries herself kind of like a tomboy - she says she's grown up around a lot of boys - but when she starts singing, she's all woman. Her voice is sweet and feminine and has that real nice country sound that I like so much. Simon makes some comment about her sounding like she's at the end of a career that didn't work out - I really don't understand what he meant by it, so I can't really explain it any further than that. Randy says yes, Simon says no and of course, Paula sends her through to Hollywood.

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