Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coming to the end... finally

Someone needs to tell me... why would anyone believe that dressing up as Princess Leia with fishnet stockings would get you through on "American Idol?" I seriously want a response. It's like 2 in the morning right now and maybe I'm exhausted, maybe I'm bored, but I can definitely say that I'm tired of this show and its complete nonsense. I find it hard to believe that with all the thousands of auditions that they saw in Philadelphia, the bunch I've seen so far tonight is the most interesting of them all.

Christina Tolisano of Connecticut can actually sing pretty well. Well, it starts out OK, anyway. Then she makes some weird noises and then starts kind of yelling. They tell her she's strange and say no. She freaks out and spews some garbage about how the show needs something different and they're not allowing it and I don't know what else - I lost interest before she even sang.

The final audition is Brooke White, a nanny from California. She's never seen a rated R movie - weird. She doesn't drink or smoke, either, which is cool - I'm a big supporter of that. But there are some great movies out there that just happen to be R-rated. Very weird.

Her voice is pretty, though - kins of simplistic, but very clean and soft. They like her and she's through to Hollywood.


KHBirdman said...
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majortom1981 said...

I think you are wrong about brooke white. I think she will make it pretty far. the R rated thing doesn't bother me. She actually said to simon bring it on when he made the dark side comment.

Laura said...

I am totally disgusted with this show. We watch AI as a family and I was shocked that they would air the nut's "sex song"???? I was cringing as my 7, 9 and 11 year old kids listened to this garbage!
I want to know how this was allowed to be shown on primetime TV. Come on people!!

I'm done with this show!!