Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Off to a good start

So this is the first time "American Idol" has held auditions in San Diego, so there's no telling what will come up in tonight's episode. Could be a city of untapped talent or could be an hour of just crazy duds.

First up is Tetiana Ostapowych, 24, of Venice, Calif., who walks in all confident, doesn't seem very nervous. She says she's so excited, but really seems very calm and collected. She says she's going to sing "Someone to Watch Over Me," and does a very good job, I think. I will say that she sounds like a lot of other singers - and I wonder if they plan to add anyone really different to this year's group of finalists. This girl is cute and she can sing, but there's nothing that really sets her apart from anyone else - at least not from what they're showing us. Simon tells her that she's not as good as she thinks she is. He even goes on to say that he doesn't think she's ever going to be great. But he says yes to her anyway, as do Paula and Randy, so we'll be seeing more of her soon enough.

Those of you who have read this blog in the past and have noticed that I tend to fall for the sappy life stories should already know that I love single father Perrie Cataldo, who traveled from Arizona. They did this cute little intro with his son, Avian, saying that his papi is the next American Idol. And we quickly learn that the little boy's mother died in 2005 - they don't say how she died, but he does say that she was mixed up in the wrong crowd. But he talks about how he's matured since her passing, and how he wants to provide his son with the childhood he never had. It wasn't a crazy tear-jerker story, but it was moving to see a young man dedicated to raising his son, so I hope he makes it through.

Here's my take on Perrie. His voice is good - his tone is good. You could hear how nervous he was, which threw him off key a bit and it seemed a little like he was trying too hard to copy Boys II Men, instead of singing in his own voice, his own style. But I think he can improve - I think he could surprise people if he's given the chance.

I'm a little taken aback that Simon didn't nitpick him - instead he tells him that he has a really really good voice and all three judges say yes. Welcome to Hollywood, baby!!

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