Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birds of a feather... go crazy together

So Monique Gibson and Christopher Baker go to the auditions together and they both think they can make it to the top. Monique is up first and the first thing Simon tells her is that it looks like three different people helped her get dressed. I didn't think her outfit was that bad - the little bootie things she has on are horrible, but besides that and the fact that, overall, the outfit isn't very flattering to her figure, I thought she looked OK.

Oh boy - she's going to sing Whitney Houston's "I Believe In Miracles." She must believe in miracles if she really thinks she's going to be able to sing that song anywhere near as good as Whitney Houston. Simon even tries to give her an out by saying, "You really think you can sing that song?" But she says she thinks she can and so they tell her to go on. She doesn't even get past the first line before Randy starts laughing. After the second line, with Randy still laughing, she pauses a little, kind of annoyed, but clearly doesn't accept that he's laughing because she's bad, and she continues to sing.

They tell her it's not going to happen, and she keeps smiling, not really accepting it, and she even tries two other songs, saying, "There's gotta be something." and they're like, "No, there's nothing." When it hits her that they're telling her no, the smile disappears and is quickly replaced with tears. She tells them she went through so much trying to get there and she knows she can sing. Simon tells her there's nothing wrong with leaving the room knowing she can't sing, but she won't listen to that. She insists that she can sing and that perhaps she picked the wrong song. She leaves the room crying and says in her interview that she's hurt and she just hopes her friend makes it.

That's right - it's not over yet.

Christopher Baker is next, and he, too, is crazy enough to believe he can sing Whitney Houston - he chooses "The Greatest Love of All." I feel like I should say something complimentary here - but I really just can't. He was really out of tune for most of it, and the worst part is that he was practically yelling the song. They try to get him to stop, but he keeps going - I wonder if maybe he just couldn't hear them over his yelling. Simon asks him if that sounded good to him and Christopher responds, "Yes it did, sir." Well, he's very polite - I'll give him that.

Simon tells him that not a single note was in tune, and Christopher's response is to break into another song. This one is so bad, Paula can't keep from laughing. Simon then tells him that no one would ever pay to hear him sing and he says he understands and that he'll sing in a different tone. He tries again, this time softer, and it's better, in my opinion, but still a little out of tune. They tell him no again, and he starts another song. They finally get security to take him out.

And then, of course, the two friends, reunited and freshly rejected, do the obligatory cursing out of the camera and they add in a little bit of theirs ABCs. Nutty.

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