Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was really considering just blowing right past the fact that some girl - forgot her name already - is married to the cutest boy ever, but I can't. He's just that cute. Angela Reilly is the girl's name and she actually sounds depressed about the fact that she just got married - her husband Chad is a professional model and he comes walking in, looking all delicious and cheering her on. I don't know what she has to sound all depressed about - I'd kind of like to slap her silly a little bit, but she's all the way in Texas. Anyway she says her husband helped her pick out her songs and he says she should sing "Baby Love" first. So she does. All I can say is love must be deaf as well as blind. Or maybe her audition was just so the world could see how hot her husband is, but her singing is way over the top and just too much. It's not good at all. Oh how funny - Simon's thinking the same thing I just did - he says, "They say love is deaf, right?" Looks like we're on the same page with this one. They let her sing another song - probably just so they can look at Chad a while longer - and it's just as bad as the first one. Thankfully, they tell her no. But I thank her for letting us all gawk at her man, even if just for a few minutes. Yummy.

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