Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A note to Angela Martin

Dear Angela,

Please sing like an angel. Please have a voice that will carry your wishes to heaven. Because you deserve a break.

OK - that's it for now - but "American Idol" has topped itself with the sob stories and this one has got me rooting for this woman, big time. Angela Martin had a baby while still in high school, who has Retts syndrome. Her daughter can't walk or talk but she has the love of not only her mother, but what seems like a huge community, too. Angela says that "American Idol" is not about the fame for her - that it's about getting the best care for her daughter, and hearing the sincerity in her voice has me hoping and praying that she blows the judges away.

Well, she has the voice for this competition - not sure she can win, but I sure want to watch her try. Let me rephrase - I can't wait to watch her try, because she makes it through.


Marc said...

Angela has a nice voice, but she's not nearly good enough (based on that audition) to win. I'd actually be surprised if she makes it through Hollywood. But if she does, watch out for the sympathy vote!

Be sure to read my take on Angela here.

calmck7 said...

I think Angela Martin has a wonderful voice. I just saw her not make it through to the next round and I think she has a lot more talent thn some of tose who did. Keep your head up Angela it's coming...