Thursday, January 31, 2008

Delusions of grandeur

Julie Dubela, of New Hampshire, the girl who had been on some show "American Juniors," is really annoying. She comes off like an incredibly spoiled girl who has been told her whole life that she's great. She comes in and the judges actually comment on her confidence. She sings and while it's not horrible, she's doing weird things with her arms and kind of over-performing the song. The judges stop her and Simon tells her that he wants it without all the weird acting. Randy says it looks like she rehearsed in front of a coach or a mirror, which she admits to - the mirror, she says. I'm a little confused because Simon tells her that he doesn't want the acting and when she says that she's just acting like herself, he says, "That's the problem." So are you telling her to be herself, which she says she's being or telling her to be someone else, which you've already criticized her for? I don't know - I think she's kind of bratty, anyway, so I don't care one way or the other, really.

They all tell her no and she breaks out in another song, some song about a butterfly. Simon tells her to go to LA and become an actress. She starts getting an attitude and he tells her to assume that the cameras are not on and goes on to say it was not a good audition. The cameras flashes to her looking to see if the cameras are on or not. He catches her and says, "No, it's not on." He then tells her that she wasn't good enough and that she doesn't need to play it up anymore, that it's over. She finally walks out and Simon says, "Over-indulged." And I couldn't agree more.

Like the teenager that she is, she goes outside and says that she was asked to sing at a Red Sox game, but she turned it down in order to audition and then as she leaves, they play footage of her as a 12-year-old on that show she was on, and she should be embarrassed, really. Even though I didn't hate her audition, I have to say she was way better when she was 12.

The last guy, Brandon Black, of Pompano Beach, Fla., is an idiot and I don't even have the energy left to write anything about him. I'm sure you can catch a video of him making a fool out of himself on YouTube, though.

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