Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let's call this her "Glitter" moment

Wow... ok. Valerie Reyes has disaster written all over her. Let me tell you why...

She loves Mariah Carey.

Now, before I get anyone upset with me, I am not bashing Mariah Carey. She has a beautiful voice, one of the best, probably, and has proven that she can sell millions of records. However, here's my problem with people who love Mariah Carey. They think they can sing like Mariah Carey. They think they can sing all the runs, high and low, just like Mariah and sadly, no one in the world, except maybe Christina Aguilera can sing those crazy runs like Mariah Carey can.

I was actually a little surprised that Valerie didn't choose a Mariah song for her audition - she does Phil Collins instead. But it's like she doesn't realize it - she sings the song as if she was channeling Mariah anyway - she attempts to add silly little runs to the song and it sounds like the same note, just shaky... she tries to make her voice gravelly in spots and it sounds like her voice is cracking instead. But the piece de resistance - she tries to hit the super high notes that only Mariah can hit and she sounds like a wounded animal. It's almost funny how obviously she tried to copy Mariah - I'm sure somewhere in the world, Mariah is terribly flattered. Whatever.

But Randy brings up a good point. He tells her she's terrible, which she was, but that's not it. He also says that she actually has a good tone to her voice and that if she stopped trying to sing like Mariah and instead tried to focus on a melody, she might actually be a good singer. I think he's right - it's not like she was out of tune - she was just making weird noises from trying to mimic a style that really only one or two people in the world can pull off. Anyway, they tell her no and she actually seems surprised, and it's not until her interview afterward that she realizes that she's going to be on the rejects show.

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