Thursday, January 24, 2008

The "Idol" dating game

It seems "American Idol" may be the next Crystal Ortiz of Raleigh, N.C., and Randy Stark of Abilene, Texas, met on the Idol message boards, started dating, and decided to try out together. I feel bad for Crystal because she didn't really get to sing much - Randy sang his verse, which was awful, but when it was time for her to go, the judges cut them off. They were, of course, rejected, but as the judges tell them, at least they found love.

Brother/sister team Jeffery and Michelle Lampkin, of South Carolina, are hilarious. They have great energy, they're amusing and overall, kind of silly. I was fully expecting them to be terrible, just another duo to laugh at, but their voices were very good. It's hard to sing with harmony and while it wasn't perfect, it really was pretty good. The judges think Jeffery is better than his sister, but I wonder if that's just because he was louder. There were parts where Michelle could be heard clearly, and I was impressed, but for the most part, Jeffery's voice is so powerful, it drowns her out. But we'll get to see what she sounds like alone in the coming weeks because they both get a golden ticket to Hollywood.

So, I forgot to mention the guy who was supposed to sing first, Oliver Highman. He had to leave abruptly because his wife went into labor. It slipped my mind because I figured he was out, but they're showing him again now on the way to the hospital, so maybe he does get a chance to audition after all. They're having a girl and they plan to name her Emma Grace. I forgot if they mentioned where they're from, but apparently Charleston is unfamiliar to them because he's driving around with Mapquest directions and he's lost. I'm surprised his wife is so calm - I think I'd be panicking.

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Oliver is from Cornelius, NC