Thursday, January 31, 2008

Girls are on a roll

Talk about good things coming in small packages... Ramiele Malubay, 19, of Miramar, Fla., is just this tiny little thing - she's stunning, but because she's so little, she falls under that cute category. But she opens her mouth and it's like, "What?" Her voice is so big, so powerful, you would never guess it was her singing.

Paula likes it, as does Simon, but it wouldn't be Simon if he didn't throw in a little jab here an dthere - he tells her he doesn't think she's a contemporary singer, that she's more like a hotel singer. Randy says forget him and asks Paula one more time what she thinks. She says she thinks Ramiele is phenomenal and Randy says he was impressed that her voice was so strong coming from such a small person.

And all of a sudden, her size becomes an issue. Simon challenges Randy and asks if he would still like her if she were tall. Randy seems kind of surprised at the question and of course, says yes, he would. All the nonsense aside, Simon says no, but that doesn't matter because Randy and Paula say yes, so she's through to the next round.

Syesha Mercado is another super likable girl. And another girl you want to root for and see succeed. Her father has struggled with drugs and alcohol most of her life and she says that her past was not that happy. MOst people would let that hold them back, but this girl is such a bright light - she has such a positive attitude and she says her life has never been happier. She doesn't really elaborate, but she says a lot of good things have been happening for her. She does mention that her dad has just graduated from a rhab program, so I'm sure that's enough to bring anyone joy. Her dad is there with her and he tells her how proud he is of her and it's quite touching - she turns to him and tell him that she's proud of him.

And besides her story, she really has the full package. Not only does she gave a great personality, but she's beautiful - her skin is flawless, and of course, the last piece of puzzle - she can sing, too.

The audition was only so-so, but it's because I think she sang in a key that was just a bit too high for her, so when she went for the high notes, it sounded a bit strained. But her voice is really nice - I enjoyed it, certainly enough to see more of her in Hollywood.

Randy is clearly taken by how pretty she is, because he says she's one of the best they've seen in Florida. Paula and Simon say yes too and she's on to the next round. I hope her lucky streak continues because I would hate to see her lose her optimism.

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