Thursday, January 17, 2008

Farmer boy

whoa... what's with all the cross-dressers in Texas? Anyway.....

I love Drew Poppelreiter, the 24-year-old Mississippi farmer. He's adorable and of course, I love the accent. He looks way younger than 24, but that's part of his charm, I think. He sings pretty well and they let him through. I'm afraid he won't make it past Hollywood week, but he's just so sugary sweet, I'm gonna start saying my prayers now that he improves and makes it through to the top 24 - because I think once he gets there, America will just fall in love with him.

Seriously? I don't get men who wear eyeliner - it's not cute. And this kid, Kyle Reinneck, is actually going to sing Kelly Clarkson. If you're coming on the show, proclaiming to be a hard-core rocker, don't sing a woman's song, dummy. If they let him through, I may have to stop watching. Oh boy... I'm losing my patience - he's just bad.

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