Thursday, January 24, 2008

Aretha was robbed

You know what? Aretha Codner, of Buffalo, got a raw deal. Never mind the fact that her dress was not as supportive as it should have been. I thought her voice was really good - it got funky toward the end, but for the most part, it was good. She was right when she said they let through people who were not as good as she was - I can think of a few myself. I'm wondering if maybe it sounded different live, but on TV, I thought it sounded fine. Or maybe they felt her figure would be too much - perhaps a bit distracting - for the American public. Because I honestly don't know why they said no to her. And she was mad, too. Simon told her she can't sing and she was like, "I can sing - I'm not even going to hear that." After they all tell her no, she says, "I almost don't even believe this because I really can sing." I'm with her. I don't know the extent of her talent, but I think she definitely deserved a spot in Hollywood.

Joshua Boson, of Beaufort, S.C., is the joke of tonight's episode, it seems. It takes a while to decipher what he's trying to sing and really, I mean, let's be honest, it wasn't even singing. But again, the theatrics come out - he's waving his arms all around and stomping his feet. He finishes and the judges just kind of look at him - it's like even they don't find these reject auditions funny anymore. But the crazy starts after the singing. When the judges tell him it wasn't good enough, he tells them that they shouldn't be looking in Charleston, then, because that's what they were gonna get. He tries to convince them by telling them that he's never had any voice training. When he still gets no support, he says the show is fake and rigged, because he can sing. But that he knew he was going to get cut. Simon starts getting annoyed and tells Joshua that he is rude and deluded. Then as they start voting and commenting, he storms out and tells Ryan that they said there was no talent in South Carolina. I mean, maybe they did say that, but since that wasn't aired, this guys looks like a liar. He keeps rambling on, saying that his talent is too big for the competition to hold and that he didn't want to be the next American Idol - he wants to be the World Idol. He said some other stuff too about the joke being on the judges or something like that, but I've lost interest, so enough about him.

Wait a minute... how is this possible? Oliver Highman is back and he brings his wife and new baby with him. If I'm not mistaken, they were in Charleston for two days - my assumption is that those days were consecutive. So, if she went into labor on Day 1, how is she out of the hospital, with the baby, by Day 2? I thought women had to stay at least a couple of days for observation. Very strange indeed.

But anyway, they let him audition, and I'm actually surprised that's it's not that great. I mean, it's not bad, but they've been following him through this whole episode - I thought that meant he'd be great. Anyway, they say no to him, but he brings in his new daughter to meet the judges. Very sweet ending - would have been sweeter if he'd made it through, but we can't have everything, I suppose.


Princezz said...

I thought that she was good too. I came online just to see if I was crazy or if anybody else thought so. They let that brother sister duo through and I thought they sucked, so did the air fore girl that came on right before Aretha. But she had a very arrogant attitude which was why she prob didn't make it. She should have sang a smaller song and dressed more conservatively.

goodwill said...

the stadium ausitions are done days and sometime weeks before the judges auditions. This way a show can be produced that makes sense