Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first love

James Lewis, the 22-year-old tour guide from Philadelphia, gets the first audible chuckle out of me. I had a feeling it might be entertaining when he said his specialty was anything low. He's completely impossible to understand - I have no idea what he's saying except, "Let my pipple go." Yes, I know the line is, "Let my people go," but what he's saying is pipple - I promise. I feel kind of bad for him because Paula and Randy are both hysterical laughing and he looks so clueless as to why they're laughing at him.

I don't know why I'm feeling so sentimental - but I really am almost tearing up right now - he looks so hurt and so confused. I can't lie - I thought his singing was funny, but no one deserves to be laughed at so obviously. I'm hoping someone later on in the show will snap me back to reality and will help me see the humor in some of this, but right now, I'm just feeling so badly for these people - this guy especially.

Obviously, they say no to him, but thank goodness - Paula and Randy actually apologize for laughing at him. That makes me feel good - maybe they really are trying to make this season better. They got so much slack for being so mean last season - maybe they're trying to keep it together this time around.

OK - so my TiVo says I'm only 20 minutes into this 2-hour extravaganza. I feel like I've been watching forever already.

But wait... I've just heard my fist love of this season. Junot Joyner, 25, of Bowie, MD. He sings some Elton John song and I just love his voice - it's soulful and smoky, but clear at the same time. Oh, just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I want to hear him again. And I will - Hollywood week, because he makes it through.


IdolLover said...

I felt the exact same way early on--that it's no fun watching the judges make fun of sincere people! Just go after the jerky ones... and show longer clips of the good ones!

Traci said...

I am completely in agreement. And if I had any self-control, I would have turned the show off. The cruelty to that guy was apalling. I felt terrible. However, I do wonder why the family and friends of these people dont warn them that they arent that good!!!