Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

Totally psyched about the short little snippet they showed of Jose Candelaria, the New Jersey guy who sings the Spanish version of "Unbreak My Heart" and who makes it through despite not singing one word in English - I'm all about the diversity and I love that they could appreciate his voice without understanding his words.

Moving on, the producers want us to think there's something special about Temptress Brown the 16-year-old female football player. But I don't see it - she's either going to be ridiculously good or embarrassingly bad and I'd like to just get to it as fast as possible, personally.

Oh great - talk about pulling at your heartstrings. I love my mother - more than anyone in the world, maybe more than life. Seeing that girl's mother suffering, not being able to breathe, but cheering her on anyway, just busting with pride, breaks my heart. And of course, I'm left hoping that this girl can sing. But she's planning to sing a song Jennifer Hudson sang - that can't be good news.

It's not good news at all. She's so bad, I forgot all about her mom and how much I wanted her to be good. But, following a new trend, Simon is very nice to her - they all are - while telling her no. And she cries. I feel bad for her, but the memory of her voice is still ringing in my ears, so I'm back to wanting this spot to be over.

But now that it is and we've moved on to the Allentown girl, Alexis Cohen, I'm wishing we could get Temptress back - this chick is just weird. My sister works in Allentown - I'm sure it has its charm, though I couldn't find it - but I'm guessing the fine people of Allentown are pretty annoyed now that they're forever linked to this crazy girl. She says she's been compared to Janis Joplin and Pat Benatar - my guess is that she's going to scream out her song, thinking that she's a hard rocker.

Well - it's definitely not what I expected - and I can't say I'm disgusted by it. But it's clearly not good enough to make it through. They were actually pretty nice to her and she takes it pretty well, which is what makes the next sequence so odd.

She comes out and says, "Well Simon didn't like me but he's a big fat bad word - very, very bad words." Ryan Seacrest is looking at her like she's lost her mind, but she totally doesn't notice - she goes on to say that Simon is egotistical, curses a bit, says she's going to leave with her dignity and then walks by the camera saying, "Why do I feel like giving the camera the finger?" over and over again, before actually turning around and doing it.

Mind you, no one was mean to her or mocked her in any way - they were perfectly nice to her, even a bit complimentary, in my opinion.

She goes on and on and on, says something about it being illegal to moon people (huh?)and about how she'll one day be victorious through her actressing and something else - it was just really weird and kind of reminiscent of that weird guy from last season, the gay guy with the lisp and the feather boa who told everyone to shut up. Clearly, Alexis wanted air time - and she got it.

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