Thursday, January 24, 2008

I feel a pull on my heartstrings

Amy Catherine Flynn, of Knoxville, Tenn., the 16-year-old dance-team captain who preaches about abstinence is so cute, I just want to squeeze her. And the speech she gives Simon is just too funny. It goes something like this: Let's say you've been with your like, boyfriend or girlfriend for like a really long time and you think, like, it's time to have sex, which is, like, so not cool... Like, if you think you're gonna marry them, then like why not wait like another 5 or 6 years?" I'm not mocking her message - I think it was sweet in its innocence. It was her teenage speak that made it funny for me. But let's move on... she decides to sing a Christina Aguilera song, which could be bad news for her. Well, I can't say her voice is bad - it just has no depth. She doesn't project well, so her voice sounds very quiet and very thin. But she's adorable, so who knows what the judges will say. Paula tells her that her voice is very pure and says yes. Simon says the song was too big for her, which it was, and goes on to tell her that lots of people may find her annoying. She did make a lot of childish pouty faces, but c'mon - she's 16! He keeps going and tells her that she's not as good as she thinks she is - this is the third time he's said that in the past four episodes - but then says yes to her anyway - which he also did with the other two girls he said this to (I think). Maybe he's just messing with these girls... Anyway, Randy says yes, too, and she's through to Hollywood.

Oh... back to Oliver Highman and his wife in labor real quick - they've made it to a hospital and it looks like she's been admitted and is now in a room.

London Weidberg, of Charleston, is a beautiful woman. She's blonde and blue-eyed, slim and just very pretty. But beyond that, she's a strong woman. She lost her father to cancer three years ago, when she was only 21 years old. She says that while her dad was sick, she put music on hold, because she felt like every day could have been his last day. She says his death made her realize that life is short and that we only have so long to seize every opportunity. Her attitude is so refreshing, so positive. I can say with absolute certainty that I would be unable to carry on if I lost my father - it would so devastate me - it pains me even now, just thinking about it. To see this young woman, still so young, not only moving on, but being so full of life, so full of positive energy, is really inspiring.

She sings a Billie Holiday song and it's hard for me to judge her voice, because I really didn't care for her song choice. Her voice sounds good, I think, but I feel like it may have been better suited for a different kind of song. Randy tells her it wasn't the best audition but that she has a nice tone to her voice. Paula says the tone of her voice is engaging. Simon says that it was good, but that there are thousands of girls who sound just like her. In the end, they all say yes, so we'll see what else she can do in the coming weeks.

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