Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Starting off with the strange

So, we're in Atlanta tonight, where Clay Aiken, Fantasia Barrino, and Jennifer Hudson were discovered. I imagine that there should be some incredible talent here, and I say that because as I mentioned once before, there was a girl named Joy, whose brother was profiled on "Intervention" about a month ago, and she auditioned in Atlanta but didn't make it and I thought her voice was beautiful. So, she either bombed her audition or the talent in Atlanta was so overwhelming that she didn't measure up.

So, Joshua Jones, the guy who works with glass, is a bit of a hypocrite. He spends most of his interview saying that if he makes it big, he'd still want to work with glass, because he really enjoys it, but at the end, he says he wouldn't mind taking his glass cutter and throwing it as far as he could. I'm a bit confused, but whatever - all that matters is whether he can sing. Well, he starts off and it's actually pretty good, but Simon cuts him off and says he has to stop doing this weird thing with his eyes. Of course, I hadn't been paying attention, so I rewound it a few times, but I'm still not sure what he means - I guess the cameras just didn't show us enough. Simon says he looks slight demonic. Now they're showing it up close and I can see what Simon means - he kind of bugs his eyes out a bit - it is kind of creepy. They make him sing the song with his back turned and I think it's good, better than a lot of the guys we've seen so far. Simon says no, that it was too karaoke for him. Paula says yes, that he has a good voice, so it's all up to Randy. They try to pull off this suspenseful moment, but they quickly show Josh coming out with a golden ticket, so he's through to Hollywood.

JP Tjelmeland is a little strange. He talks about how Carrie Underwood was two people behind him at the Season 4 auditions and how he's kicking himself because he didn't keep in touch with her. I think that's kind of shallow - if she hadn't made it big, I'm sure he wouldn't care one way or the other. I mean, does he think that if they'd kept in touch, somehow she'd get him a record deal? C'mon... Plus, as he walks into the audition room, he's reminded that his audition three years ago wasn't good. And this audition is probably worse. You can't understand any of the words he's singing and he's doing weird theatrics with face and hands. Just awful, and kind of a waste of time, if you ask me. The funniest part is when he tells the judges that he's a music major. Randy's like, "NO!" Then he asks, "What do you major in, composition?" and JP says "No, in singing." And Randy's like, "NO!!" even louder than before. Then JP responds with "I was not that bad." and all Randy can do is laugh. Simon tells JP that yes he was that bad, and then informs him that he's not being rude, just in case JP thought he was.

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