Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not looking good for Jason

The thing we would be surprised to know about David Hernandez is that he was in gymnastics when he was little. He said he went to the Grand Canyon Olympics and won like 10 medals.

Tonight he sings "Papa Was a Rolling Stone," which was originally recorded by The Undisputed Truth, but made famous by The Temptations. I feel like the David Hernandez we saw during Hollywood week is back tonight - I'm not loving the crazy dramatic facial expressions - it's like he's trying to be all smooth and sexy and it comes off kind of cheesy, but his voice is really great tonight - he's in total control and I think he's safe this week, for sure.

Randy tells him this is the David Hernandez they fell in love with, that it was hot. Paula says his voice is so pure it pierces right through the heart. Not sure what that means, but it's clear she means it as a compliment, so we'll assume it's good. She says what's great about it is that his personality really came out this week and that it was just perfect. Simon tells him, "David, this may surprise you, but in my opinion, that was the best vocal of the night so far." He then tells him that what he likes about him is that he takes criticism well, that rather than sulking, he treats it as a challenge.

Jason Yeager is up next and he says the thing America doesn't know about him is that he plays multiple instruments. He taught himself to play the piano, the drums and the guitar. That's pretty cool - he should play an instrument tonight. If he had played one last week, perhaps the performance wouldn't have been so boring.

But he doesn't. He sings "Long Train Runnin'" by the Doobie Brothers and it looks like we may never get to see him play an instrument because I'm not sure he'll be back next week. It's not that the performance - it's actually quite entertaining. Although, I happen to love this song, so it could just be that I'm enjoying the song and not really paying attention. But the truth is, he's not really singing a whole lot - the verses almost sound like he's just speaking the words and the chorus is really just like one long note, so I feel like he's not really challenging himself - not really showing off what he can do. I will say I like it better than last week... I'm just not sure it's going to be enough to compete with the other guys.

Randy says that to him, the 70s is one of the greatest times in music, ever, so many amazing songs, and that this particular song was not a singer's song, and that it was very pitchy and kind of karaoke. Paula says it was fun to see this side of him, but that the song doesn't have that many notes in it and it didn't show his vocal range. Simon says the simple truth is that last week was boring and this week was awkward and ordinary. He also says that what he did at the end - he did some weird things with his arms - made him look like he was drunk at a party or something. He says he's a good singer who can't perform very well and that he's disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Jason was not that good, even though he was better than last week -- just not good enough. Very cruise-ship-lounge-singer-wedding-singer. Not Idol-worthy.

Anonymous said...

David Hernandez was very good -- solid performance and what a great voice! I hope he stays.