Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ramiele stole the show

Ramiele Malubay is one of my favorites coming into tonight. She's such a cute little thing with this huge voice that just knocks you over. But then something happens in her interview. After Randy tells her how she has such a big voice for such a little girl, she says, "That's exactly what I wanted them to think." Instead of being flattered and humbled by their praise, she acts like she planned it all herself to go the way it went. And then at the end of her interview, she says she's excited to show everybody what she can do. I can't say she annoyed me like Chikezie did last night, but it took a bit of my enthusiasm away. I'm not a fan of arrogance - it's such an ugly trait, I think.

And what happened to her hair? It was so cute at her audition and during Hollywood week. Now it's all choppy looking and streaked with blond and pushed all to one side - not crazy about it at all...

She sings Dusty Springfield's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me," and I hate to admit it, but she's flawless. It kills me how beautifully she sings. I think it's very possible that we may be looking at our next "American Idol." Of course, I'm speaking way too soon, but among the women, there's no competition - she's just that good. She starts the song very soft and sultry, but then she hits the chorus and it's like a crescendo until she unleashes the power of her voice. It was just amazing.

Randy says he loved how she started it slow and let it build up. He says she could have made it fancy with a bunch of runs, but she kept it single while still making it her own, that it was very classy, like a pro. Paula says she is a force to be reckoned with, that there's such a range to her voice. Simon says she outsung every single person tonight.

Syesha Mercado is next and she talks about how she lost her voice during Hollywood week and how she somehow managed to give the performance of a lifetime during her last audition, even though her voice was still hoarse. She says she called her mother after that audition and told her she had just sung from her soul and adds that she hopes all her performances can be like that one.

She sings "Tobacco Road," which I think is originally by Bobbie Gentry, but I'm not sure because it looks like it's been sung by a whole bunch of people. She sings it really well, and I'm so glad she didn't sing a ballad. I knew coming into tonight that many of the girls would sing slower songs, so anytime there's a break from that, I welcome it. I felt like she screamed a bit through some of the song, but not so much that it made the song unpleasant. It was good, I think, but not great.

Randy tells her she definitely can sing, that she has a big old powerful voice. He says there were a couple of pitchy things in there, but all in all, he really like dit. Paula tells her it was joyful and fun. Simon says it wasn't her best, best perofrmance, but that it didn't matter because she's probably one of the most talented girls in the competition.

Last up is Carly Smithson, and I have to admit to a little bias against her. Not because of anything she's done, but more because of how Fox has shoved her down our throats for the past few weeks. We've had to watch her auditions several times already and listen to the story about her visa problems a good dozen times. I'd say she's had more air time than any other contestant so far, and I think that sometimes that's not a good thing. I've only heard her sing a couple of times and I'm already kind of sick of her.

And here we go again - another clip of her audition...ugh. She should ask for royalties on that clip given how many times it's aired already. Here's something interesting. She talks about how she was signed to a major record deal when she was 15 and put out her first record when she was 17. She says the record company imploded and she was kind of left. Now, I could be mistaken, but the story I had heard about her on the Internet was that she put out her album, it didn't sell and she was dropped from her label. She's making it sound like the company went under. I wonder which story is true - I suppose the truth is somewhere in the middle - it always is.

Anyway, she sings "The Shadow of Your Smile," which was from "The Sandpiper." It's really dull and while her voice is nice, she's singing really loud, almost yelling through most of it. She was way better in her auditions - this was a horrible end to an incredubly boring night of mostly mediocre singing.

Randy says that she has the best vocals of the Top 24 and I'm left wondering if perhaps they've already struck a deal with this girl - why are they giving her such exaggerated praise? She's not as gos as Ramiele, or David Archuleta, or even David Cook or Michael Johns, for that matter. I have a feeling she's going to be another Chris Richardson for me - someone the judges just love and I cannot figure out why, someone I'm dying to see kicked off the show, who somehow still survives. Let me just clarify - this woman can sing - her voice is wonderful, just not as fantastic as the judges seem to think, that's all.

Anyway, Paula agrees with Randy and says she's a lucky coin in the pocket, that she's reliable, blah blah blah. Yes! Finally a voice of reason. Simon says he's on his own again and that he just didn't get it. He says there's so much hype about her, so much expectation. He says the song was way too old-fashioned for her, he even criticizes the way she used the microphone. He says everything about the performance was a let-down.

Now for who goes home... I think the girsl will be tougher because there were so many just so-so performances. With the guys, they were all so good, the ones who slipped were so obvious. I would have to say it would come down to Joanne Borgella, Amy Davis and Kady Malloy. Kady probably won't go yet because people may like how she impersonates Britney and may want to give her anotjher shot, so I say it will be Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella.

So my official picks for elimination tomorrow are:
Chikezie Eze and Garrett Haley
Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella.


Anonymous said...

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France said...

It's a really late comment, but, i guess you should know, Ramiele's reaction on the judges' comments after her You Don't Have To Say You Love Me performance actually went, "I didn't expect it, but thank you very much." The other reaction you mentioned in your blog that went like, "that's what iI was waiting for them to say" or something similar to that, was actually Asia'H Epperson's comment after her Piece Of My Heart performance. You can watch the performances again on Youtube. =)