Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A girl, her twins and a dog

This year is the first time they've featured a love traingle and it's kind of funny, actually. Apparently, Chris Lane and Ashley Lawing dated a few times, and then Cory Lane, Chris' twin brother starts calling Ashley, explaining to the cameras that Chris didn't seem that interested in her, so he started dating her - that couple combination stuck and they've been together about a year. Anyway, the twins try out together and it starts out really good - totally different - they do this rap thing with a human beat box and everything, but Cory quickly forgets the words. You think they're going to go down in flames, but he recovers and delivers his prepared rap. I liked it, although Chris doesn't do much, so there's no way to really judge him. Simon tells them it was a bit amateurish. Paula says they're charming together, but Randy says it's a no for this.

Ashley's up next and she's already a step ahead of the game because she shows up her with her 6-week-old puppy, which the judges go crazy for. Simon tells her he's going to steal her dog and she says in the cutest Southern drawl, "If you put me through to Hollywood, you can have whatever you want." She sings Kellie Pickler's song, "Red High Heels" or something like that and it's awful. They pan to her boyfriend(s) and one of them says, "I think that she actually thinks that she's good." Ouch...

Back to the audition, Simon tells her it was excruciating. She's in shock and doesn't believe him. They pan back to the guys and one of them says that they told her she was good so that she would audition, but that she's not really good at all. Back to Simon who again tells her she's terrible - she asks him if it's opposite day. I mean, she's really having a hard time accepting that they didn't like it. Back to the guys, one of them says "I think she thinks her looks are going to take her to the top..." If that were my boyfriend talking all kinds of smack behind my back, he certainly wouldn't be my boyfriend much longer. How horribly mean.

The judges finally tell her no and she takes it pretty well. She comes out and yells, "I made it!!" but she fools no one and she quickly says, "I'm just kidding."

Again, I have to say, tonight's auditions really aren't grabbing my attention. They just showed Cardin McKinney, who Simon said was not a contemporary recording artist. They let her through, but there's really nothing to tell about her audition. Now, they're on Jonn Borgella, the 25-year-old plus-sized model from Hoboken, N.J., and I find her fairly unimpressive, too. I mean, she's beautiful, her voice is good, but nothing I would save for the best of the rest. She, too, makes it through. I hope the auditions start getting better, because next week is Hollywood week - they're supposed to be pretty good by then...

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