Thursday, February 28, 2008

Couple of close calls

Well, it looks like people are beginning to tune it - almost 31 million people voted this week. Seems kind of crazy to me since the theme this week was the 70s - certainly not as appealing as 60s, I don't think.

The group song today is a medley of 70s songs and it's OK - not really my cup of tea, but they sound all right. The really crazy thing for me is how fast people seem to have lost their minds over David Archuleta. It's only week 2 of real competition and already you hear girls screaming their heads off anytime he's on camera. It's really cute, but I hope it doesn't backfire on him, with people assuming he's safe and not voting for him.

Oh is that Brooke White with her hair straightened? It looks adorable - I mean I like the craziness of her curls, but she looks so cute with it straight. She should wear it that way more often.

So, we're heading into results now. The guys are up first and they show clips from last night. It's tough - the guys are so much better than the girls this season - it seems unfair hat we have to lose two of each - why not all girls this week instead?

OK, Ryan tells the back row to stand up. In the back row are Jason Yeager, Danny Noriega, Chikezie Eze, Jason Castro and Michael Johns. He then tells Michael to sit down, he is safe. Next, he tells Chikezie to site down - he is safe. Jason is next and Ryan gives me a heart attack because he tells Jason that he has bad news for him and then says the bad news is he'll have to chat with him more next week because he, too, is safe. Phew... I got scared there for a minute.

But now Jason Yeager and Danny Noriega are left and I'm terrified because I know Jason Yeager should go home, but do any of you follow I usually check the site after I've made my guesses, just to see where I stand, and according to that site, Jason Yeager is nowhere near the bottom of the list. So, if the site is right, between the two of them, it would be Danny going home, and he doesn't deserve to go just yet.

But they're wrong tonight because it's Jason Yeager who goes home first.

OK, we're moving right along - on to the girls now. He tells the back row to stand up - in the back row are Kristy Lee Cook, Amanda Overmyer, Alexandrea Lushington, Brooke White and Asia'h Epperson. Wow - none of my picks is the back row. I'm intrigued - who could it be? He tells Kristy that she's safe, then Asia'h, then Brooke, so it's between Alexandrea and Amanda.

Now do any of you follow Well, they chose Amanda Overmyer as the worst for this week, and according to, she was in the top spot for the girls, so I'll be surprised if she goes home. I kind of hope it's Alexandrea, just because her 9/11 thing really bothered me.

And it is Alexandrea Lushington that goes home next.


Anonymous said...

I really think Amanda was awful and Alexandrea, as annoying as she is, really has talent and potential. I think someone should prepare these contestants for the disappointments and surprises on results night -- the tears shed by fellow contestants and the camera coverage of the tears detracts from the booted contestant's "final performance."

Anonymous said...

It was weirdly sweet how it seemed that Alexandrea was more concerned about David A. than the fact that she just got voted off American Idol -- she gave him a big hug after she wrapped up her encore.